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Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album Release Party – Miami

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Mirrored Media helped Drake ring in the release of his new album Scorpion at Miami club,  E11EVEN, last weekend. Mirrored brought in a photo booth activation that featured a larger than life scorpion. Party-goers took home sharable gifs of themselves dancing with the album’s icon.

“The singer arrived Friday night at club E11EVEN Miami with a crew of more than 50 including rapper Party Next Door and hip-hop producer Murda Beatz.

A spokesperson for the club said the DJ jumped into the booth and played songs from Drake’s new album Scorpion.

The highly anticipated, 25-track album was released Friday. The album is expected to debut at No. 1, and has been trending heavily on social media ahead of its release.”

– Billboard



Premiere Screening of Fullscreen’s The Miracle Season 

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In March 2018, Mirrored Media teamed up with Fullscreen to produce an exclusive advance screening event around the upcoming film, The Miracle Season, in Chicago, IL. The movie is based on the true story of an Iowa high school volleyball team overcoming the odds after tragically losing its team leader.

Guests were invited to the event via social media posts by some of their favorite influencers, many of whom would be attending the screening. Fans lined up as early as 8am for the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite influencers, watch the early screening, and participate in a variety of on-site activations. Upon check-in, where they received a wristband and concessions voucher, guests were invited to walk the red carpet for a photo in front of a Miracle Season step and repeat. This shareable photo booth opportunity also included a volleyball-themed custom overlay. From there, they were directed to the main theater.

Inside the theater, attendees were encouraged to stop at the activation areas that included hair braiding, hair chalking, and flash tattoos. A custom holding card was displayed on the theater screen as an upbeat playlist pumped through the sound system. After about 90 minutes of photos and activations, guests redeemed their vouchers for popcorn, soda, and candy, and got settled in for the early afternoon premiere.

The touching film brought many to tears, but that would be countered by extreme excitement afterwards, as five influencers and one of the film’s actresses met and took photos with fans. On hand were influencers Mia Stammer, Ashley Nichole, Alyson Stoner, Alisha Marie, and Valentina Genta, in addition to actress Lillian Doucet-Roche. The line of fans stretched all the way around the main lobby as they waited their turn to take photos, get autographs, and talk in-depth with their favorite stars. It was truly an unforgettable experience for those in attendance and generated buzz for the film a week ahead of its wide release.


BMW X2 Launch – Center BMW

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To celebrate the launch of the first-ever BMW X2 and all-new X3, Mirrored Media teamed up with Center BMW to present an exclusive launch event at their dealership in Sherman Oaks, CA. The launch gave guests a high-touch and low-pressure opportunity to learn more about, experience, and test drive these newest additions to the BMW fleet.

Mirrored Media worked with Center BMW to create a footprint on site that would allow easy access and flow for guests while not impeding the daily activity and functionality of the dealership.

On Saturday, March 24th, guests were invited to Center BMW to experience the the first ever X2 and all new X3.

Guests were greeted by friendly staff under a BMW-branded tent, where they had the ability to sign up to receive a $1000 certificate towards a new BMW in addition to a neighborhood drive in the X2 and/or X3. Everyone who signed up was given a BMW-branded backpack and a rechargeable battery pack. Automotive specialists were on hand to offer more information and assistance around the display vehicles and during the neighborhood drives. Guests were also invited to relax in a beautiful carpeted lounge and grab a plate of gourmet cuisine from inside the showroom.

This experience offered a wide variety of perks to attendees, including:

  • Catering provided by Le Pain Quotidien
  • Hint Water
  • Carpeted lounge with white modern furniture
  • Branded backpacks & rechargeable battery packs
  • Raffle to win a BMW M mountain bike
  • Floral decor and planters
  • BMW branded tablecloths, tents, and flags

RISK x Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.

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To celebrate its acclaimed new drama, Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., USA Network worked with Mirrored Media to bring a unique artistic tie-in to the anticipated debut. In order to add an inspiring, visual, and shareable element to the series and engage a music-oriented audience, the Mirrored team enlisted world-famous street artist RISK to create two one-of-a-kind gallery pieces to capture that audience.

As an artist who was inspired by Biggie and Tupac himself, RISK brought the two legends to life in his own unique way with two authentic and organically-created art pieces. Each consisted of four clear plexiglass plates mounted into a custom lightbox, with screened and spray-painted art that created a singular image when viewed from the front.

The pieces were unveiled at the red carpet premiere of Unsolved, which was held at Hollywood’s Avalon Theater in February of 2018. The two portrayals of the music icons inspired and touched friends and fans, becoming the perfect complement to the evening’s poignant screening. Exclusive Unsolved sweaters featuring RISK’s artwork were given to attendees, while 20 lucky fans who entered the #UnsolvedUSA sweepstakes walked away with exclusive 24”x36” signed and numbered archival prints of his work.

Additionally, we were able to follow RISK along his creative journey with long-form and short-form behind-the-scenes content. This rare footage provided an exclusive look into the stunning compound where RISK crafts his art, and allowed him to tell his story to fans in his own words.

AwesomenessTV x Hollister Co. Winter Beach House

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Highlighting their continued partnership into 2018, AwesomenessTV and Hollister teamed up with Mirrored Media to present the AwesomenessTV x Hollister Beach House. The February event, which took place at the end of Hollister Blvd. in Santa Monica, CA, brought to life Hollister’s mantra that every day is summer, no matter what time of year.

With a large invite-only Saturday beach party sandwiched between two days of AwesomenessTV filming, each of the three days had no shortage of exciting activities and beautiful visuals for influencers and guests alike.

Our teams worked in concert to truck-in four Hollister-branded shipping containers, two of which were custom two-story builds. One of these contained an open staging area on the bottom and a DJ booth up top. The focal point, dubbed the ‘Carpe Crate’, acted as the main entertainment stage and was outfitted with a wall that had the ability to open and close with the push of a button. Hollister and AwesomenessTV were able to build suspense behind the scenes and reveal a variety of surprises to guests throughout the duration of Saturday’s event, often with the help of moving head lights, a fog machine, and branded props. Another shipping container was delivered and custom-fitted on site to become a prime photo opportunity as an interactive ball pit. It contained lounge furniture, play balls, and branding throughout.

One of the most exciting elements for guests was the saltwater pool built within a shipping container; one of only a handful in North America. This custom pool was branded inside and out had a large glass window in front, allowing guests to capture one-of-a-kind images of their friends in the depths of the pool. Filled with roughly 2,000 brightly colored rubber ducks, it was one of the highlights of the weekend. Other activations throughout the space included a 30-foot inflatable water slide, a coloring wall with oversized crayons, an animal costume photo wall, and a collection of inner tube art installations.

The entire event space sat on sand and was surrounded by hedge walls, but even with the private enclosure, it still provided a visually-stunning landmark for those on the public beach, walkways, and bike paths. The hedge walls were covered with a variety of patterned inner tubes both inside and out. Our beach-facing pool exterior, which sat just inches away from the public bike path, was affixed with Hollister branding. The two-story shipping containers also featured an ode to Hollister’s marketing campaign, Carpe Now, which could be seen hundreds of yards away. As the sun set, we illuminated the space with custom neon lighting in addition to hanging string lights.   

The weekend’s focal point was Saturday’s beach party event that was open to exclusive invited guests. Attendees were treated to appearances from their favorite creators, all of whom were happy to take photos and interact throughout the day. Host Hunter March was joined by friends Alisha Marie, JonMarie Westengard, and a collection of influencers who encouraged fans to ‘Carpe Now’. Throughout the day, “House Party” would play over the speakers triggering the shipping container door to drop down and reveal surprises with talent. Highlights included a beach-inspired obstacle course, an exclusive performance by Mahogany Lox, a DJ set by Gryffin, pool jumping competitions, and a inflatable dinosaur dance party.  

The obstacle course allowed attendees to race against each other through several activations on the sand. We utilized existing elements such as the giant water slide, and added a slip & slide, water pool obstacles, and a finish line made up of roughly 30 inner tubes tied together that guests dove through as they finished.  

The most unexpected of surprises arrived near the end of the day when 20 puppies were introduced from within the Carpe Crate. Guests were able to hold, play with, and take photos with all of the cuddly pups as the day came to a close. Even with all the highlights, the puppy party was the day’s surefire hit.

Each day, the adjacent Perry’s Cafe provided food and drinks to all attendees, including a hot chocolate bar with SmashMallow brand marshmallows for s’more roasting, and a custom-branded ice cream cart.


All Star Weekend – Steph Curry x Under Armour

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The 2017-2018 NBA season saw the league’s All-Star Game make its long-awaited return to Los Angeles. With it came a whole weekend of All-Star festivities, including the 3-Point Competition, Slam Dunk Contest, and a host of celebrity parties and special events. In February 2018, Steph Curry and Under Armour chose to host their weekend soiree at the famed Goldstein Mansion in Beverly Hills. Mirrored Media teamed up with Talent Resources to help produce this unforgettable evening.

Mirrored Media provided its all-star LED photo room for the exclusive gathering, adding Steph Curry and Under Armour branding to the interior and exterior. Our photo booth experience allowed guests to capture their own photos and instantly share them via email or their social media platform of choice. 

Mirrored also provided several other activations, including a Pop-a-Shot basketball game, live golf simulator, and a branded bar. Each of the activations were custom branded with SC and UA branding as well. The activations added fun and shareable elements to the very exclusive event, which was spread over two levels of the Goldstein property, including the downstairs Club James, and the tented upper tennis court.

Aside from the activations, guests enjoyed gourmet cuisine courtesy of chef Michael Mina, specially-crafted Avion cocktails, luxurious furniture, and breathtaking views of Los Angeles from the upper level. Downstairs in Club James, the guests enjoyed a nightclub vibe with specialty cocktails, basketball decor, dancing, and music from DJ Jus Ske.  

Notable guests in attendance included Steph Curry, Scottie Pippen, Joel Embiid, Joakim Noah, Nick Kroll, J.B. Smoove, and Jeezy.


BMW’s Premier Partner Experience Event at First American Trust

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In order to highlight BMW’s partnership and employee discount program with First American Trust, Mirrored Media teamed up with the automotive giant to present an exclusive activation for FA team members at their Santa Ana, CA location. The BMW Premier Partner Experience gave guests an opportunity to learn more about, and even test drive, several models from the X Series, M Series, and BMW’s line of hybrid/electric vehicles, the i Series.

From 10am – 3pm, registered employees were able to stop by the activation, located on a large portion of the campus’ parking lot, and become fully immersed in the BMW brand. Upon entering, guests were given BMW-branded reusable water bottles provided by S’well. They were greeted with two standout BMWs on display: a beautiful orange i8, and a luxurious white X3, both sitting on custom on-brand platforms. Employees were invited to take a seat inside each car, while BMW Product Specialists were on hand to offer more information and assistance. Guests were also invited to step into the photo booth, which featured a co-branded First American Trust /BMW step and repeat.

A large branded BMW semi-truck provided a backdrop for the VIP lounge. Located adjacent to the truck, and covered by a large BMW canopy, this carpeted area featured several perks for employees to enjoy, including:

  • Donuts provided by Voodoo Donuts
  • Gourmet coffee bar
  • Hint water
  • Two TVs featuring branded content
  • White lounge furniture
  • Floral decor and planters
  • Sound system with music

The highlights of the activation were the three driving experiences, which took place atop an adjacent parking garage on the FA campus. Guests had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of 13 BMWs, including the i3, M2, M4 Convertible, X5, 530e, or X6, for an exclusive test drive in one of three scenarios:

  • Accel/Decel: Drivers accelerate rapidly then hit the brakes on a closed course
  • Slalom: Drivers hug tight corners between cones on a closed course
  • iPerformance Accel/Decel: Drivers accelerate rapidly in a hybrid/electric BMW then hit the brakes on a closed course.

All cars were affixed with BMW Premier Partner Experience decals.

BMW subsidiary, MINI, also had its own footprint within the space, providing a relaxing camping vibe with turf, lawn chairs, Additional perks included:  

  • Branded mugs
  • Corn hole
  • Giant Connect 4

Sundance Film Festival 2018 – Park City Live Activations

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For the second year in a row, Mirrored Media teamed up with Fingerprint Communications for a full takeover of Park City Live during Sundance Film Festival. Celebrities, influencers, and special guests were invited to escape the cold and snow of Park City’s Main Street and experience a host of thought-provoking panels and activations.

Each of the six sponsors provided a much-needed respite to the hustle and bustle of Sundance in a warm and comfortable setting in the heart of Park City. They were all featured prominently on the branded step and repeat photo opportunity located at the venue entrance.

The three days of activations attracted a number of high-profile talent, including:

  • Nicolas Cage
  • will.i.am & Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas
  • Paris Jackson
  • Elijah Wood

Sponsor activations included:

Juul: Designed to improve the lives of the world’s estimated 1 billion smokers, this brand’s e-cig and vape alternative invited guests to relax in a carpeted lounge with cozy white furniture and chic decor. The brand name was displayed with life-sized backlit letters in this sophisticated lounge. Brand ambassadors were on hand to provide guests with more information.

For VIPs and talent, Juul had an upstairs lounge that provided a more exclusive experience and gifting suite. VIPs could even choose to have their samples custom-engraved on site.

JetSmarter: This members-only private jet charter service delivered the same luxurious VIP experience found on their planes in their comfortable lounge inside Park City Live. The carpeted space included high-end furniture, TVs displaying branded content, custom signage, elegant decor, and two JetSmarter brand reps available to help provide more information about this smarter, more cost-effective alternative to private jet travel. Guests were offered discount codes, branded bags and hats, and could even sign up on site via two iPad stations.

SmashMallow: Billed as America’s first snackable marshmallows, SmashMallow provided the perfect remedy to the frigid Utah temperatures: hot chocolate. Guests were invited to sip on fresh hot chocolate accompanied by one of the signature marshmallow flavors, including mocha chip, mint chocolate chip, cinnamon churro, and strawberry cream. These delicious treats could be dropped into their hot beverage or enjoyed on their own. Guests could also walk away with free SmashMallow t-shirts and hats.

Nomatic: This unique brand of functional, versatile, and high-quality bags was on hand to provide product giveaways to select VIPs throughout the weekend. Launched after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Nomatic’s line of bags has become a trendy and fashionable high-end accessory.

Creminelli Meats: Salt Lake City-based Creminelli Fine Meats was on hand providing pre-packaged samples of some of its artisan meats. Selections of crackers, cheese, and several kinds of meats were available for guests to grab in a convenient package from branded refrigerators.

Enso Rings: These silicon rings were born out of an idea seen on the hit show, Shark Tank. Stationed just inside the front doors of Park City Live, Enso Rings provided guests with a fitted ring of their choice. Made of silicon instead of metal, these rings are a more comfortable and practical alternative to traditional rings.

About Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival, a program of the Sundance Institute, is an American film festival that takes place annually in Park City, Utah. With 71,000 attendees in 2017, it is the largest independent film festival in the United States.

About Fingerprint Communications

Fingerprint Communications is a full-service public relations and marketing agency specializing in the lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and consumer markets.


Participant Media Dinner Event at Sundance Film Festival

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Participant Media has long been a major player at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. In the midst of acquiring the rights to the inspiring documentary, RBG, Participant also took the time to recognize one of its own inspiring figures. Over a hundred friends, colleagues, and team members gathered at Handle in Park City in honor of Diane Weyermann, Participant’s celebrated President of Documentary Film & Television. The private three-hour event featured farm-to-table hors d’oeuvres, an open bar with custom cocktails, a collection of wintry decor and floral arrangements, and a set by Tao’s house DJ Mel Debarge. Two TV screens displayed looped content of some of Participant Media’s feature films and documentaries.


Mirrored Media also provided a custom sound system, custom accent lighting, themed accent pieces, and specialty cocktail menus. Each drink was named after a Participant Media film, with corresponding menu designs reflecting the films’ lobby cards.


While the party was hosted in honor of Weyermann, she gave a short speech that honored her colleagues in attendance instead, praising their collaborative efforts for the rise and continued success of Participant Media.


Live.me VIP Meetup – Las Vegas

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In January 2018, Live.me teamed up with Mirrored Media to treat a group of its VIPs to a weekend getaway in Las Vegas. As a thank you to some of the biggest spenders on the live broadcasting platform, Live.me provided travel vouchers, accommodations, and specially-arranged activities during this unforgettable weekend.

It all began at the iconic Bellagio Hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. These VIP broadcasters were then whisked away to SPEEDVEGAS, Las Vegas’ premiere exotic car racecourse. At the facility, we set up a private viewing location above the track complete with balloons, gourmet catering, and even a custom Live.me cake. Guests were given detailed instructions by the highly-trained professionals at the facility to ensure a safe experience. Then they were all able to head down to the track and pick out one of several sports cars with Live.me branding on the hoods. Choices ranged from a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes. Once suited up in their car of choice, these lucky VIPs got behind the wheel and sped around the professional-grade course, reaching speeds of 150 mph.

Following the exciting afternoon at SPEEDVEGAS, the luxury shuttles brought guests back to the Bellagio to regroup before their big night out. Our team arranged a full VIP experience at Encore’s XS Nightclub. The VIPs were escorted in to the owner’s tables, complete with bottle service, custom signs displayed by VIP hostesses, and digital Live.me branding on the large stage. Diplo performed one of his legendary DJ sets that night as they party raged on until the wee hours of the morning.