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Awesomeness x Invisalign Ferris Wheel & Candy Station

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The focal point of VidCon 2018 was once again the 42 foot Ferris wheel that towered over the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza. The wheel, which was co-sponsored by Invisalign, had a mesh wrap that encompassed its entire exterior, along with fully branded gondolas, surrounding barricades, and platform rails. Awesomeness provided a unique custom Snapchat filter that guests were encouraged to use as they snapped their own photos while on the Ferris wheel.

While guests waited in line for the Ferris wheel, they were invited to snack on as much free candy as they wanted, courtesy of the Awesomeness x Invisalign Candy Station. This candy station rose 15 feet high and featured 20 candy dispensers that sat atop a co-branded counter. Each dispenser was custom engineered to withstand the weight of the candy and heat of the sun, as such a feat had never been attempted before. Each one contained a different type of candy in Invisalign branded colors of pink, blue, and green. Guests were able to grab a small cup and enjoy the candy of their choice, which all highlighted the benefits of Invisalign’s “Eat What You Want” messaging that was affixed near the top of the display. Various hard candies, gum balls, and popcorn drew kids and adults alike to the beautiful and unique structure. The dispensers had an outer display tube as well, so no matter how quickly the interior contents were devoured, the aesthetics always remained on-brand and colorful.


AwesomenessTV Talent Oasis at VidCon 2018

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The Hyatt Regency, the official VidCon talent hotel just down the street from the convention center, housed the invite-only Awesomeness Talent Oasis. This 4000 square foot lounge and adjoining outdoor patio provided an exclusive place for Awesomeness talent and VIP guests to relax and recharge during what is always a hectic week at VidCon. The interior featured a light-up bar with food and drinks, comfortable furniture, a Tarte makeup activation with a living wall and neon signage, voter registration, and Awesomeness content. Stay Tuned, Snapchat’s daily news platform, also had a footprint in the space that we produced where its hosts and talent filmed live content each day. Outside on the patio, guests were invited to play games like corn hole and spike ball while surrounded by picturesque hedges and Awesomeness plexi signage.


AwesomenessTV x Hollister Co. Winter Beach House

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Highlighting their continued partnership into 2018, AwesomenessTV and Hollister teamed up with Mirrored Media to present the AwesomenessTV x Hollister Beach House. The February event, which took place at the end of Hollister Blvd. in Santa Monica, CA, brought to life Hollister’s mantra that every day is summer, no matter what time of year.

With a large invite-only Saturday beach party sandwiched between two days of AwesomenessTV filming, each of the three days had no shortage of exciting activities and beautiful visuals for influencers and guests alike.

Our teams worked in concert to truck-in four Hollister-branded shipping containers, two of which were custom two-story builds. One of these contained an open staging area on the bottom and a DJ booth up top. The focal point, dubbed the ‘Carpe Crate’, acted as the main entertainment stage and was outfitted with a wall that had the ability to open and close with the push of a button. Hollister and AwesomenessTV were able to build suspense behind the scenes and reveal a variety of surprises to guests throughout the duration of Saturday’s event, often with the help of moving head lights, a fog machine, and branded props. Another shipping container was delivered and custom-fitted on site to become a prime photo opportunity as an interactive ball pit. It contained lounge furniture, play balls, and branding throughout.

One of the most exciting elements for guests was the saltwater pool built within a shipping container; one of only a handful in North America. This custom pool was branded inside and out had a large glass window in front, allowing guests to capture one-of-a-kind images of their friends in the depths of the pool. Filled with roughly 2,000 brightly colored rubber ducks, it was one of the highlights of the weekend. Other activations throughout the space included a 30-foot inflatable water slide, a coloring wall with oversized crayons, an animal costume photo wall, and a collection of inner tube art installations.

The entire event space sat on sand and was surrounded by hedge walls, but even with the private enclosure, it still provided a visually-stunning landmark for those on the public beach, walkways, and bike paths. The hedge walls were covered with a variety of patterned inner tubes both inside and out. Our beach-facing pool exterior, which sat just inches away from the public bike path, was affixed with Hollister branding. The two-story shipping containers also featured an ode to Hollister’s marketing campaign, Carpe Now, which could be seen hundreds of yards away. As the sun set, we illuminated the space with custom neon lighting in addition to hanging string lights.   

The weekend’s focal point was Saturday’s beach party event that was open to exclusive invited guests. Attendees were treated to appearances from their favorite creators, all of whom were happy to take photos and interact throughout the day. Host Hunter March was joined by friends Alisha Marie, JonMarie Westengard, and a collection of influencers who encouraged fans to ‘Carpe Now’. Throughout the day, “House Party” would play over the speakers triggering the shipping container door to drop down and reveal surprises with talent. Highlights included a beach-inspired obstacle course, an exclusive performance by Mahogany Lox, a DJ set by Gryffin, pool jumping competitions, and a inflatable dinosaur dance party.  

The obstacle course allowed attendees to race against each other through several activations on the sand. We utilized existing elements such as the giant water slide, and added a slip & slide, water pool obstacles, and a finish line made up of roughly 30 inner tubes tied together that guests dove through as they finished.  

The most unexpected of surprises arrived near the end of the day when 20 puppies were introduced from within the Carpe Crate. Guests were able to hold, play with, and take photos with all of the cuddly pups as the day came to a close. Even with all the highlights, the puppy party was the day’s surefire hit.

Each day, the adjacent Perry’s Cafe provided food and drinks to all attendees, including a hot chocolate bar with SmashMallow brand marshmallows for s’more roasting, and a custom-branded ice cream cart.


Mirrored Media Wins Summit International Emerging Media Awards for AwesomenessTV

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Mirrored Media is proud to announce that it has won a 2017 Summit International Emerging Media Award with AwesomenessTV for the Vidcon ball pit. This is the second year in a row that Mirrored Media has taken home an Emerging Media award.

2017 Emerging Media Awards:

AwesomenessTV Vidcon Ball Pit: Emerging Media Award – Leader – Trade Show

Awesomeness Ball Pit Presented by 

This one-of-a-kind custom ball pit activation featured an 8’x10′ pit with 20,000 balls in branded colors of teal pink, and purple. It offered a unique shareable photo element in which users were captured in slow-mo video from a truss above as they free fall backwards into the pit. The branded video content can then be shared through two iPad stations instantly via all social media platforms. The pit and truss were each covered in co-branded signage from Awesomeness and
The ball pit also featured a live stream presented presented by, including a TV on site so fans in line could watch the action as they waited. Guests were also encouraged to download the app if they didn’t have it already, which gave them access to a VIP fast lane into the pit.
– 1600 Videos Captured
– Total Reach of 166,000 People
 – 34K via Facebook
 – 60K via Instagram
 – 72K via Tumblr

Emerging Media Awards Recognizing Visionaries in Our New Forms of Media
The Summit Emerging Media Award evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation, and those pushing the bounds of creative excellence in all newer forms of emerging media. Traditionally, advertising has focused strictly on the big idea. Today, advertising needs to break new ground to keep up with the ever-changing pace. This
award recognizes communications that keep pace with our times through innovative use of new media. Compete on a global stage, with an international panel of judges and creative from all over
the world.This award is for the marketers, coders, designers, developers, innovators, visionaries and leaders in this exciting new realm of advertising.

See Inside One Company’s Summer-Long Beach House Party

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Awesomeness celebrated summer in a big way this year: The multimedia company—which is a joint venture between NBCUniversal, Hearst, and Verizon—rented out a house on the beach in Santa Monica for two weeks of programming and events for talent, press, and industry partners.

“This was our first time hosting our own event that was independent of a big convention or festival,” said Catherine Gill, vice president of marketing at Awesomeness. “Our goal was to create a fun summer experience to bring our brand to life and showcase all the different aspects of what Awesomeness has to offer. This created a great opportunity for a multi-purpose space where we could create content and film a number of our shows, as well as host a variety of events.”

The company took over the house from July 25 to August 6, hosting programming on a daily basis for the entire two weeks. The schedule was filled with a combination of filming days for AwesomnessTV programming, as well as events such as a beauty brunch, a premiere screening, and musical performances.

The internal production team at Awesomeness used their location scouting resources to find the ideal house—one with a big backyard for events, parking nearby, and close proximity to the beach. Organizers worked with the city of Santa Monica to obtain event permits, and redecorated the house to convey a fun, summery vibe.

“We worked with our internal creative department to source new furniture and decor that would fit our brand and the look and feel of the multiple events,” said Gill. In addition to the in-house team, Mirrored Media was in charge of all house operations and creative production, while MS Event Production handled the audiovisual needs.

Every room of the house was used for events. The master bedroom became a content studio for filming, while the attic was transformed into an infinity-room-like photo op. The backyard, which was decorated with string lights and colorful pool floats, welcomed guests for brunches, panels, and more.

Awesomeness plans to host the beach house again next summer; the brand is also planning more standalone events for the coming year to promote its growing portfolio of brands, which now includes AwesomenessTV, Awesomeness Films, DreamWorksTV, and Awestruck.

Here’s a look inside the summer activation’s playful decor, fun photo ops, and biggest gatherings.


Awesomeness Beach House

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Awesomeness Summer Beach House

After a busy 2017, Awesomeness decided it was time to reward its clients and creators with a relaxing and refreshing couple of weeks on the beach. From July 24th to August 7th, Mirrored Media and Awesomeness teamed up to transform a beautiful Santa Monica beach house into a summer oasis for talent, creators, and clients alike. The three-story house, which sat just steps from the sand north of the famous Santa Monica Pier, featured pool parties, press mixers, leadership panels, and so much more throughout the two weeks.

The House:

Located on beautiful Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, the Awesomeness Beach House featured all of the things creators have come to expect from the Awesomeness brand. Mirrored Media brought in carefully manicured decor and furniture, and crafted the grounds and surrounding areas with custom items to give guests the feeling of an ultimate summer getaway.

The first floor interior had comfortable sofas and chairs, a catering area, and was attached to a patio with large open doors, allowing the ocean breeze to flow into the space.

The second floor master bedroom was transformed into a production suite, with stunning 180-degree ocean views outside its large windows.

The third floor became a beautiful infinity-style Instagram room, featuring a forest of hanging string lights, mirrored walls, branding, beach balls, and glowing triangular LEDs. This room was a huge hit among guests, with thousands of impressions via social media.

The Yard:

The inside of the house was just the beginning. The backyard featured many of the highlights of this summer oasis, most notably, the pool. While it was a huge hit during many of the day parties, Mirrored Media recognized the need for extra space during larger events at night. On two occasions, we had a custom convertible pool cover installed to provide an additional 450 square feet of ground space. The cover was sturdy enough to hold groups of people, tables, and chairs, making it an ideal option to convert the space for various types of events.

Other standout features of the yard included:

  • Custom neon signs
  • Mirror decals
  • Balcony banners
  • String lights
  • Uplighting
  • Branded corn hole
  • Giant Jenga
  • “Awesome” mirror letters
  • Pool toys
  • Light-up LED bar
  • Downlighting
  • Gobos
  • An LED lemon tree

The Activations:

Due to the constant activity at the Beach House, the Mirrored Media and Awesomeness teams worked around the clock to ensure a memorable experience at every turn. The schedule was packed throughout both weeks with a myriad of events and activations taking place, including:

  • Welcome Dinner
    • Pool covering
    • One long Tuscan-style dinner table
    • Influencers and marketing team members, including Rebecca Black
    • Catered food & drinks
  • Press Mixer
    • Tray-passed catering
    • Specialty drinks
    • Mood lighting
    • Custom decor
  • Talent Open House
    • Bar service, including sangria
    • Uncovered pool
    • Pool toys
  • Thought Leadership Panel
    • Directors chairs for featured guests
    • Gift bags
    • Speakers discussing Generation Z and social media marketing
  • Beauty Brunch
    • Beauty activations including nail, hair, and makeup stations
    • Facemask giveaways
    • Vita Coco-sponsored drinks
  • Guidance Screening
    • Large screen and high-end projector
    • Comfortable bean bag chairs
    • Screening of the season premiere of AwesomenessTV’s Guidance
    • Talent from the show
    • Specialty food & drinks
  • Talent Open House
    • Pool uncovered
    • Pool floats
    • Musical performances
    • Open swim
  • Betch Wrap Party
    • Celebrating the wrap of shooting the AwesomenessTV show Betch, hosted by the two stars of the show
    • Betch branding and signage
    • Catered food & drinks
  • Other Smaller Events Included
    • Finance Retreats
    • Film Shoots

In the end, it was a fitting two-week celebration of summer at the unique and picturesque Awesomeness Beach House. Mirrored Media and Awesomeness were able to create euphoric, exciting, relaxing, and even thought-provoking experiences for all who attended the various events. The two continued to build upon their already-successful 2017 partnership while leading them to work on even more exciting, unique, and memorable events and activations in the future.

About Awesomeness TV

AwesomenessTV is an American media and entertainment company located in Los Angeles, California. It is a joint venture of DreamWorks Animation (a subsidiary of NBCUniversal) and Verizon Hearst Media Partners, with the former owning controlling interest.

The company operates a talent division, branded entertainment division, consumer products division, publishing division, music division, and global network of affiliate YouTube channels.


Awesomeness at VidCon 2017

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Awesomeness Ball Pit Presented by 

This one-of-a-kind custom ball pit activation featured an 8’x10′ pit with 20,000 balls in branded colors of teal pink, and purple. It offered a unique shareable photo element in which users were captured in slow-mo video from a truss above as they free fall backwards into the pit. The branded video content can then be shared through two iPad stations instantly via all social media platforms. The pit and truss were each covered in co-branded signage from Awesomeness and
The ball pit also featured a live stream presented presented by, including a TV on site so fans in line could watch the action as they waited. Guests were also encouraged to download the app if they didn’t have it already, which gave them access to a VIP fast lane into the pit.
– 1600 Videos Captured
– Total Reach of 166,000 People
 – 34K via Facebook
 – 60K via Instagram
 – 72K via Tumblr

The Awesomeness Ferris Wheel Featuring the Invisalign Smile Station:

The focal point for fans just before entering the convention center was the Awesomeness Ferris wheel. provided fans with the best views of VidCon along with the perfect selfie opportunity from high above the convention center’s Grand Plaza. Also a VidCon first, the wheel stood tall at 42 ft. in the center of the plaza with full branding throughout the wheel. The wheel exterior, all 10 gondolas, and the surrounding barricades were all affixed with Awesomeness and Invisalign custom branding. Fans who boarded the Ferris wheel were able to take selfies during their rides thanks to onboard iPads equipped with custom photo technology, delivering branded original content directly from their seats.
– 2880 GIFs & Photos Captured
– 1312 Emails Sent
– 1456 Text Messages Sent
– 13 Facebook Shares (4,888 Impressions)
– 16 Twitter Shares (5,088 Impressions)
– 82 Instagram Shares (65,682 Impressions)
– 75,658 Total Impressions

Awesomeness Oasis:

VidCon consists of hot days, long nights, and huge crowds. This can be a strenuous week for anyone, but even more so for talent. The Awesomeness Oasis at the Hyatt Regency provided the perfect respite for all of the brand’s talent in attendance. Located five minutes south of the convention center, the Oasis contained comfortable couches and chairs, food and drinks, a gifting station presented by Hollister, Awesomeness-branded content on TV, massage stations, and a floral living wall with branded neon signs for the perfect photo opportunity.
Access Hollywood also had a space inside the Oasis where they interviewed talent to air on TV and social media each day as they came through.

Awesomeness + Invisalign Screening & After Party:

Invisalign and Awesomeness teamed up again on the very popular Friday night of VidCon to present a screening of original content followed by an after-party. All of this took place at the Sheraton Park Hotel, which is just steps away from the Anaheim Convention Center.
The evening began at 7pm with a screening of three short content pieces in the Sheraton’s beautiful Tiffany Terrace. A branded step and repeat and a blue carpet greeted guests as they walked into the room. The hour-long screening, which hosted 100 guests, featured drinks, popcorn, and even candy apples!
After the screening finished, the after-party began on the adjacent Tiffany Patio. Attendees included many Invisalign and Awesomeness employees and executives, VIP guests, and Awesomeness talent.
The 8-11pm event featured two open bars, catered appetizers and desserts, a DJ, branded giant Jenga, branded corn hole, and a picturesque hedge wall with die-cut brand logos, creating the perfect Instagrammable moment.

Awesomeness Mirror Letters and Chalkboard:

In addition to these larger activations, Mirrored Media also took on the management and setup of Awesomeness’ signature mirror letters, which stretch almost 15 feet across and create the perfect photo opportunity for fans about to enter the convention center. Placed just to the right of the prominent Grand Plaza fountain, and adjacent to the Ferris wheel and ball pit, the letters were a huge hit on site.
Even more attention-grabbing was the Awesomeness chalk wall. Placed across from the the Ferris wheel, the board had the headline “What Makes You Awesome?”. Fans were encouraged to write their own responses with the chalk provided. The front, back, and sides of the wall were covered within a few short hours! Fans absolutely loved coming up with their own creative ideas to share with the rest of VidCon. We would periodically wash the wall so fans could start over, but each time, it was fully covered in just a few short hours.