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EventMarketer: The 2019 IT LIST: Recognizing the Top 100 Event Agencies

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The experiential marketing industry’s first and only comprehensive guide to the best agency partners in the business

Mirrored Media is honored to announce that we have been named one of Event Marketers top experiential agencies for another consistent year.

The Event Marketer annual It List turns 17 this year, and like all 17-year-olds—it’s going through some changes. The It List is designed to reflect the changing needs of the brands and marketers who use it. So this year, they gave the It List application a facelift—tweaking the questions and selection criteria to better illuminate the agencies that are keeping pace with the industry—and what you need to be successful.

Among updates, they put less emphasis on office culture and years in business and more emphasis on strategic thinking, creative culture and work. “We wanted to understand better how the most innovative companies in events think. We also put more emphasis on new work as well as metrics, giving those companies delivering exceptional results for clients higher marks on our checklist. And we weighed the overall growth of the organizations: their top headlines of their year, awards won, client wins and new hires.

This year’s list is comprised of start-ups and boutiques, legacy shops and monolithic organizations. Some have a few dozen employees, and some, hundreds worldwide. Some specialize in b-to-b, while others, in b-to-c. Some, in a little of both.

As we have remarked over the past 17 years, the It List selection task is no walk in the park. Every year we huddle together for several weeks, scrutinizing newbies and veterans alike, digging through portfolios of work, and tracking the standout programs that captured the industry’s attention—all to provide the brand community the list of who it should be working with this year, and why. “

Check out the Mirrored Media portfolio HERE. See the entire list HERE.

Mirrored Media Awarded Gold, Silver, & Bronze in Summit

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Mirrored Media is proud to announce that we’ve won three Summit Creative Awards for 2018’s BMW i Road to Coachella in the following categories:

Gold: Social Media Campaign

Silver: Online Campaign

Bronze: Engagement/Experiential

Small and medium-size agencies worldwide produce a great deal of outstanding advertising, yet creative competitions are dominated by large advertising agencies, large clients, and large budgets.

Since 1994, the Summit Creative Award has recognized creative firms and helped them stand out in the crowd. This international advertising competition offers participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents alongside similarly positioned agencies, and to have their work judged by experts in the advertising field. Our exclusive award-selection process means winners have earned the right to broadcast their achievements far and wide.

Companies and individuals from more than 50 countries and across five continents have participated in this prestigious 25-year competition – the first and best of its kind.

The Summit Awards is the oldest and most prestigious organization administering marketing awards exclusively for small firms. Throughout our twenty-five year history, the SIA Creative Award is established as one of the premier indicators of creative and communication excellence. Using stringent evaluation criteria and a blind judging process, the Summit International Awards competitions reward only those firms whose work exemplifies the best in its class.

Read more about the Summit Awards here.

BizBash: How VidCon Attracts “the Most Media-Savvy Audience in the World”

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The 10th edition of the online video conference targeted Gen Z with colorful, interactive booths and lounges that encouraged creativity.

ANAHEIM, CALIF.—In 2018, VidCon general manager Jim Louderback proclaimed that VidCon attracts “the most media-savvy audience in the world.”

That idea was once again on display at the 10th edition of the convention, its second since being acquired by Viacom. The four-day event, which ran from July 10 to 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center, drew 75,000 fans, video creators, social media influencers, and other industry attendees.

This year, the convention—which was named to BizBash’s list of Southern California’s top 100 events again this year—tested out some formatting changes, most notably with the addition of six-minute case studies, a series of rapid-fire presentations from the likes of Netflix, Microsoft, Chipotle, and Electronic Arts.

The convention also featured the inaugural pet programming zone this year, co-hosted by animal-focused YouTube channel The Dodo. The area offered panels on how to turn your pets into social media stars and featured meet-and-greets with famous animals including Sunglasses Cat, Escobar the Bearded Dragon, and dog and pig duo Pickles and Dill. 

In another shift from previous years, TikTok was arguably the biggest winner of the weekend: The short-form video platform—which has 1.2 billion monthly users and was the third most-installed app worldwide so far this year—had a presence at VidCon for the first time. While popular YouTube creators were given extra security and private transportation after massive crowding in previous years, TikTok stars were still largely accessible to fans, generating the weekend’s biggest buzz.

One place that TikTok stars were not accessible, though, was the platform’s ultra-exclusive—and ultra-buzzy—after-party at Bowlmor Lanes. The guest list was strict: Only creators could enter, meaning fans and marketers were stuck following the festivities from afar. 

One thing stayed the same, though: Brands such as YouTube, Facebook, MTV, Adobe, NBCUniversal, and more asked the Gen Z-focused crowd to embrace their creative sides at colorful, interactive booths, lounges, and activations. Here’s a look inside some of the weekend’s brand highlights.


NBCUniversal’s “Share Your Voice” activation, produced by Mirrored Media, encouraged VidCon attendees to discuss all the issues that matter to them, from politics to the influencers they love. Attendees could step into a video booth to record their own segments of Snapchat news show Stay Tuned, where they discussed the causes they’d like to see featured on the news.

NBCUniversal’s “Share Your Voice” activation, produced by Mirrored Media, encouraged VidCon attendees to discuss all the issues that matter to them, from politics to the influencers they love. Attendees could step into a video booth to record their own segments of Snapchat news show Stay Tuned, where they discussed the causes they’d like to see featured on the news. Photo: Mirrored Media

In one area inspired by E! News’ The Rundown, attendees could choose from a menu of phrases—from “Treat Yourself' to “This Is a Case for the FBI”—to have printed on branded T-shirts from a digital printer. They could also help paint a mural by artist Amy Tangerine.

In one area inspired by E! News’ The Rundown, attendees could choose from a menu of phrases—from “Treat Yourself” to “This Is a Case for the FBI”—to have printed on branded T-shirts from a digital printer. They could also help paint a mural by artist Amy Tangerine. Photo: Mirrored Media

In another area inspired by the People’s Choice Awards on E!, attendees could walk down a black carpet and pose for photos and then write in their choices for the awards.

In another area inspired by the People’s Choice Awards on E!, attendees could walk down a black carpet and pose for photos and then write in their choices for the awards. Photo: Mirrored Media


Several brands also activated outside the convention center. Invisalign hosted a 15-foot-tall candy station, which featured 20 candy dispensers in the colors of the Invisalign logo. Each dispenser was custom-engineered by producers Mirrored Media to withstand the weight of the candy and the heat of the sun.

Several brands also activated outside the convention center. Invisalign hosted a 15-foot-tall candy station, which featured 20 candy dispensers in the colors of the Invisalign logo. Each dispenser was custom-engineered by producers Mirrored Media to withstand the weight of the candy and the heat of the sun. Photo: Mirrored Media

Awesomeness TV

Mirrored Media also created two custom photo wall backdrops in the VidCon courtyard, including a custom Awesomeness TV sequin wall.

Mirrored Media also created two custom photo wall backdrops in the VidCon courtyard, including a custom Awesomeness TV sequin wall. Photo: Mirrored Media

Invisalign & Awesomeness TV

The two brands teamed up for a large-scale rainbow slide, produced by Mirrored Media. Guests could race each other on branded slide mats.

The two brands teamed up for a large-scale rainbow slide, produced by Mirrored Media. Guests could race each other on branded slide mats. Photo: Mirrored Media

Read the whole story on bizbash.com.

EventMarketer: Cultivating Conversations: One-on-One Interactions Drive Engineer.ai’s Conference Strategy

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Toronto-based Collision attracts over 25,000 of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology each year, making it a prime setting for tech brands to share the perks of their products with a captive audience. For Engineer.ai, a startup that helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through customized software, North America’s fastest-growing tech conference, this year May 21-24, was an ideal place to exhibit its Builder tool to drive on-site sales. The brand’s strategy ultimately proved to be a success, enabling over 20 platform builds, which add up to more than $1 million in revenue.

Engineer.ai’s Builder product breaks projects into small “building blocks” of reusable AI-powered software features that are customized by a human engineer, giving just about anyone the ability to realize an idea, whether it’s a social app or e-commerce platform, without learning how to code. Playing off of the building blocks concept at Collision, the brand erected a colorful two-story booth featuring modular cubes to facilitate a variety of brand-customer interactions.

Meeting rooms equipped for one-on-one meetings was a key element of the brand’s booth strategy.

Given that Engineer.ai is just over a year old, mass communication was key to its on-site strategy. To that end, the brand built four touch screens into the façade of its booth and held live demos just outside it to draw in passersby. (The brand’s primary sponsorship of Collision’s Pitch startup competition also helped increase visibility.)

“Oftentimes, we’ve found that people might be a little bit timid walking around a conference room floor,” says Lauren Crist, U.S. marketing and communications lead at Engineer.ai. “But the moment we asked them, ‘Have you ever had an idea that you’re looking to build or bring to life,’ everybody said ‘yes.’ So, having those live demos and touch screens externally-facing has really given us a good platform to showcase what we can do for someone early on.”

In addition to brand awareness, cultivating intimate conversations and individual sales meetings was also a chief priority for Engineer.ai. To encourage attendees to schedule one-on-one meetings ahead of the conference, the brand directed them to a microsite where they could pre-book a spec meeting with a product expert. The strategy helped Engineer.ai line up over 50 consultations before the start of the event. On-site, its booth design further promoted individual interactions via two open meeting spaces and five private meeting rooms equipped with computers and screens where brand experts helped customers develop and “spec out” their customized platforms.

“Everyone wants to talk to an expert and be heard, and the power of the product is that they’re able to see, in real time, the cost associated with that and the actual process, so everything’s guaranteed,” says Crist. “Events have been a super powerful way for us to convey that in the digital age where there’s a lot of content online, searching and finding different solutions can be difficult, especially for the audience we’re looking to go after. So, this has been a really powerful channel for us.” Agency: Mirrored Media, Santa Monica, CA.

The booth’s building blocks theme played on the functionality of Engineer.ai’s Builder product.

Read more at eventmarketer.com

Mirrored Media Wins Best “Viral Marketing Campaign” in Ragan’s PR Daily Awards

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Mirrored Media is proud to announce that we won 1 Ragan PR Daily Award and was an honorable mention in 3 additional awards.

PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds. For more than five decades, Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc., has been a leader in training for professionals in corporate communications, public relations, social media and management.

Mirrored Media won the following awards with BMW i for the 2018 Road to Coachella campaign:

Viral Marketing Campaign – Winner

Social Media Campaign – Honorable Mention

Automotive Campaign – Honorable Mention

Influencer Event – Honorable Mention

See all the winners HERE.

Digital LA – Immersive Activations: Experiential Marketing with Justin Lefkovitch

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Immersive Activations that transport you to another world are being increasingly used by Hollywood movie studios, brand marketers and advertisers to generate excitement and create social media opportunities. Join us for our panel with award-winning founders of LA’s leading immersive activation and experiential marketing agencies, who created some of the biggest buzzed-about activations at SXSW, San Diego Comic-Con and VidCon this year.

Our discussion will focus on how these agencies work with studios and advertisers to create never-been-done-before out-of-the-box experiences that fit the movie, show, or brand perfectly, and make fans and influencers want to share on their social. We will also focus on how tech like RFID wristbands and tablets can improve registration, throughput, and email/texting delivery of social media photos and videos. And how new tech like VR, AR, and more can be used successfully.


Marc Simons, Giant Spoon, Co-Founder. Giant Spoon created the immersive SXSW Westworld experience, branding a ghost town as Sweetwater with more than three dozen actors in character as Delios employees and cowboy ‘hosts’ – and several horses, for a weekend. The experience was the biggest ever at SXSW, and won the Cannes Lions gold award in May. Giant Spoon also created the Ready Player One experience at SXSW. At Comic-Con, Giant Spoon created the DC Universe activation, which was a mini-theme park with escape room, haunted hallway, and Swamp Thing maze, to promote DC’s streaming shows. @Giant_Spoon

Justin Lefkovitch, Mirrored Media, Founder and CEO. Mirrored Mediahas created dozens of successful experiential campaigns, including 22 activations at VidCon in 2018 and 18 in 2017, including the Awesomeness Ferris Wheel, and slowmo video ball pits. At Coachella, he branded a house with bands, DJs, and pool party in 2018, and more. His work has been recognized for its creativity and transformational results by Forbes, EventMarketer, Chief Marketer, Inc., AdWeek, LA Business Journal, Huffington Post, and the Summit International Creative Awards. Justin has been named one of Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Top Twenty in Their 20s”, Cablefax’s “Overachievers Under 30”, and The Apex Society’s “Power 30 under 30”, while leading Mirrored Media in winning over twenty industry leading awards. @MirroredMedia

Ashley Crowder, VNTANA, Co-Founder / CEO. VNTANA’s HOLLA-GRAM booth has created engaging interactive experiences at Comic-Con, Vidcon, CES, Super Bowl, and dozens of other events and conferences. From hologram sword fighting with Captain Hook from ABC’s Once Upon a Time at Comic-Con, to karaoking with Disney’s Descendents 2 characters at Vidcon, to hologram workouts with Adidas influencers across the globe, to exporting HBO Westworld fans as holograms to Sweetwater, to Lexus holo-racing at Dodgers stadium, VNTANA’s cutting-edge patented technology is the only scalable hologram platform on the market that allows consumers to interact with holograms of their favorite athlete, celebrity or product while capturing real-time data on consumers. @acrowder33 @VNTANA

Eric Shamlin, MediaMonks, which did the block Jack Ryan activation at Comic-Con. Eric has spent the last two decades delivering creative and technical innovation across a range of mediums. From documentaries to mixed realities, manhunts to the Olympics, and ABC News to Apple, Eric’s work has been honored with a list of Emmys, Lions, and patents. Eric is invited to speak regularly, leveraging his extensive experience at the intersection of technology, media and culture. Highlights include keynotes and presentations at the Beijing Global Innovators Conference, Unity VR Summit, CES, SXSW and the Variety Entertainment Summit – as well as being a recurring guest lecturer at UCLA and USC. @ericshamlin @mediamonks.

– 7-7:30p Check-in and Networking
– 7:30-8:30p Panel and Q&A
– 8:30-9pm After Networking


Mirrored Media 2018 Ex Awards Finalists

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Mirrored Media is excited to announce that our BMW Road to Coachella campaign has made it to the finals of the 2018 Ex Awards. The best experiential campaigns in the world will be named May 14 in San Francisco.

Client: BMW
Campaign: Road to Coachella
Agency: Mirrored Media

For more than 15 years, the Ex Awards has remained the largest recognition program for best-in-class experiential marketing. This year’s finalists, just unveiled, represent the most innovative brands and agencies in the industry.

The editors of Event Marketer have announced this year’s Ex Awards finalists, the 2018 best experiential marketing campaigns in the world. Entries this year broke all previous records—more than 1,000 were received from all over the world and there were more tie-breaks during scoring than ever before. One judge may have said it best: “This was the best work ever entered into the Ex Awards and the hardest year to win… ever.”

The Ex Awards is still the only marketing recognition program on the planet judged entirely by client-side judges—more than two-dozen scored entries over the last three weeks.

See all the finalists HERE.

INC Magazine’s 15 Fresh Faces Changing the Face of Experiential Marketing

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15 Fresh Faces Changing the Face of Experiential Marketing

New ways of thinking can bring great results

BMG Production Music Party at Bardot Hollywood

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Mirrored Media teamed up with BMG Production Music to host a celebration in honor of the full service sound agency, it’s artists, and the men and women who encompass the BMG team.

The event took place on April 27th at Bardot in Hollywood with nearly 150 guests showing up to support their fellow colleagues, friends and family members who are the critical components of a new age music company making big waves in the world of music supervision, composition, and advertising.

After a warm welcome and brief introduction to some of the core members of the BMG Production Music team, three of BMG’s signed artists took to the stage to perform a few of their original tracks.  DJ William Lifestyle kept the party going in the interim while guests enjoyed tray passed hors d’auevres including miniature shots of tomato bisque with grilled cheese triangles, chicken satay, an array of sliders and an open bar.  A BMG branded step and repeat located at the red-carpeted entrance gave those who arrived and departed an opportunity to connect with their peers while enjoying a memorable photo opportunity.  Bardot is well known for its signature indoor/outdoor patio and connecting lounge, so Mirrored Media set out to ensure that the entirety of the space was adorned to accentuate the essence of the room, yet fully branded to embody the BMG brand.

The night was a successful celebration that seemed to generate a newfound excitement and appreciation for the future of BMG Production Music and it’s team.

2016 Summit International Creative Award Winner

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Out of more than 5,000 submissions from 21 countries, Mirrored Media was named a winner during the 2016 Summit Creative Awards for their expertise in engagement and experiential marketing for one of their latest campaigns, The Magicians Premiere tour with Syfy.

Mirrored Media was tapped to promote Syfy’s upcoming original series, The Magicians.  Syfy needed to create a promotional campaign that would cut through the entertainment clutter and reach the show’s target audience – Millennials.

Mirrored Media hit on key millennial passion points like music, social experiences, and events by partnering with Syfy, Warner Bros. Records and Fullscreen to embark on a five market college tour to promote The Magicians. Each tour stop was hosted by a different popular social media personality and featured an advance screening of the first episode, a live acoustic performance by millennial musician Bebe Rexha, cast appearances, branded concessions and shareable social activations.

By partnering with Bebe Rexha, the campaign was able to reach authentic music fans. The partnership married the two brands together by debuting Bebe’s new, never before heard single “No Broken Hearts” in a Magicians trailer. Bebe promoted the tour prior to and during on all of her social platforms, including behind the scenes footage, and shared The Magicians trailer. Bebe Rexha ended the night with performances of her biggest hits, which resulted in attendees chronicling the tour and sharing their experiences to social media platforms.

Mirrored Media also got social with millennials by tapping into social media influencers. Five different personalities shared custom created content across their social platforms to promote The Magicians. Each influencer hosted a different stop, introducing The Magicians episode and Bebe, and used Snapchat to feature footage from the event; encouraging fans that weren’t able to attend to watch the pre-linear episode before the premiere.

In addition to Bebe Rexha and influencers promoting the tour, Mirrored Media and Syfy teamed up with NBC affiliate networks, local press and promoters in each market as well as college groups to drive attendees to each tour stop.

The Summit Creative Award (SCA) recognizes and celebrates the creative achievements of small and medium sized advertising agencies worldwide with annual billings under $30 million.

Celebrating its 22nd year, the SCA has firmly established itself as the premier arbiter of creative excellence for firms of this size and has become a coveted honor.

This year’s panel of international judges included:

  • David O’Connell, Founder, principal creative director, BANG! creative communications – Canada
  • David Bieloh, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Central Washington University – USA
  • Gautam Nath, Vice-President, Balmoral Marketing – Canada
  • Gavin Barrett, Chief Creative Officer, Barrett and Welsh – Canada
  • James Scully, Operations Director, Nevado Limited – England
  • Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives – United States
  • Lester Traband, Senior Applications Developer, ANNODYNE – USA
  • Louai Alasfahani, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Paragon Marketing Communications – Sultanate of Oman
  • Meng-Chih Chiang, Creative Director, HUSH – USA
  • Morgan Young, Principal, Young Ideas, LLC – USA
  • Olga Weiss, Chief Creative Office, IDM – USA
  • Reid Carr, President & CEO, Red Door Interactive – USA
  • Richard Taylor, Founder & COO, Politik Media Inc. – Canada
  • Stephane Jean, Creative Director, Bob – Canada
  • Timothy Yip, COO, VP Client Services, Maple Diversity Communications – Canada

Entries in 20 major categories are judged against a stringent set of standards. During its blind judging (entering company names withheld) the Board of Judges search for and identify innovative and creative concepts, strong executions and user experience, and the ability to communicate and persuade. Winners were selected in a wide range of categories from print and broadcast to online advertising and social media.

This year’s SCA creative competition included companies from the following 21 countries: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, Martinique – French West Indies, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

The SIA organization was founded in 1994.  Annually it conducts the Summit Creative Award, the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award and the Summit Emerging Media Award.

Additional information about the Summit International Awards organization, see our profile, and view our winning submission, click here.