AT&T @Summerbreak4 Meetup - Mirrored Media

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Mirrored Media produced the @Summerbreak4 Meetup in Santa Monica. Fans had the opportunity to meet the cast, get exclusive merchandise, and enjoy some free ice cream sandwiches.


SummerBreak_ATT-3798 SummerBreak_ATT-3805 SummerBreak_ATT-3801 SummerBreak_ATT-3772 SummerBreak_ATT-3732 SummerBreak_ATT-3724 SummerBreak_ATT-3713 SummerBreak_ATT-3694 SummerBreak_ATT-3610 SummerBreak_ATT-3575 SummerBreak_ATT-3549 SummerBreak_ATT-3521 SummerBreak_ATT-3496 SummerBreak_ATT-3585