Mirrored Media’s business partner Hans Zimmer, the film score composer behind dozens of movies including The Lion King and Inception, is shaping what the next generation of BMW electric vehicles sound like.

Zimmer and Renzo Vitale, an acoustic engineer and sound designer at the BMW Group, recently composed the sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT, the concept that had its world debut June 25. BMW’s project with Zimmer ties into its new “BMW IconicSounds Electric” sound brand.

The BMW Vision M NEXT is a vision car that triggers instinctive reflexes in sports car fans. They want to touch the bodywork, enjoy the sound of the electric engine or just admire the dynamic body lines. 

“We want to get BMW IconicSounds Electric in position for customers who value emotional sound. With BMW IconicSounds Electric they will be able to experience the joy of driving with all their senses”, Jens Thiemer, senior vice president of the BMW brand, said in a statement.


Hans explains what connects him to BMW:  “Sound has always been a key element in my emotional landscape even before I knew I was going to be making a living as a musician and composer. And the sound of a car has special resonance. My friends and I played a game in which we tried to guess the make and model of every passing vehicle without looking – and I could usually win.

I grew up with BMWs in my family and, as a child lying in bed at night in the dark, the sound of my parents’ car returning home spoke not only of power and beauty but also of safety and comfort and a sense of reassurance that all was well with the world.

The advent of the virtually silent electric vehicle gives me a minimalist sonic canvas upon which I am trying to create something subtly beautiful – a sonic experience which can convey the sense of confidence, well-being, joy and excitement I relished all those years ago, along with the thrill of owning and driving a technological and scientific miracle. I am very proud to be part of the team shaping the sound of the next generation of vehicles for the world to hear.”

The pair composed the sounds for the BMW Vision M NEXT together in Zimmer’s studios in London and Los Angeles. Watch the video below to hear what the pair created, including a custom score for the film. 

The Vision M Next is a concept that should show where BMW is headed in terms of design, electric vehicle plans and technology like its next generation adaptive cruise control system, which will be able to detect and automatically stop at red lights.


BMW announced at NEXTGen that it’s running ahead of schedule in its efforts to produce least 25 electrified vehicles. BMW, which was aiming for 2025, now says that it will offer these 25 vehicles by 2023.

Electric cars are not known for their soundscape. The BMW Vision M NEXT, on the other hand, is an acoustic and emotional experience. Not least because legendary Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer and BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale designed the boost sound especially for this concept vehicle. 

You can download the sound file for Boost+ Mode here and set it as your ringtone or notification tone.

Read more about NEXTGen, the BMW Vision M Next, and the partnership at BMW.com or TechCrunch.