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LiveMe Booth at VidCon 2018

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To celebrate LiveMe’s broadcasting community and unique app features, the company once again teamed up with Mirrored Media and opted for an elaborate and eye-catching build designed to entertain the fans that consistently occupied the footprint each day.

Located just inside VidCon’s main entrance, the two-story consumer experience featured a second story DJ booth and adjacent stage for performances and appearances, a branded rotating halo sign, a large die-cut logo, and TV screens showing both live streamed content and top LiveMe broadcasts.

The highlight of the booth was the money machine, which doubled as a shareable photo opp. Guests were challenged to grab as much LiveMe money as they could in the machine that was then redeemable for custom LiveMe swag and giveaways. Some were even lucky enough to walk away with real money, as the DJ occasionally fired off a cash cannon corresponding with in-app live stream gifts.

Cheez x Contentos Booth at VidCon 2018

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The Cheez booth gave guests a chance to see their favorite Cheez creators live on the Cheez stage and also engage with the app personally both on stage and on the dance challenge challenge stage.

Led by an energetic emcee, the build featured a stage surrounded by mylar walls, custom lighting, and a colorful branded exterior wall. There was also a dance challenge stage where guests stepped in front of the app to try their best dance moves while a screen allowed everyone to see the in-app experience as well. Staff roamed around to capture the perfect Polaroid photos of guests, which were then added to the physical “blockchain” for Contentos.

Live.Me Office Launch Party

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Live.Me Office Launch Party

In October 2017, live broadcasting platform moved to a spacious, modern new office in West Hollywood. Mirrored Media played an integral part in curating, designing, and installing many of the space’s new features.   

The new office is not just a workspace, but also a hub for creators and influencers to film and generate content. In the large front room, our team installed a large pink stage with printed SEG graphic walls, which acts as a focal point of the space and one of two major areas for content. The other is an Met Gala-inspired LED photo booth that is built seamlessly under the stairs. This mirrored reflective booth contains strips of programmable colored LED lights in a mesmerizing pattern, creating an endless light design that allows for a unique, shareable photo opp. The office also houses an arcade-style claw machine built to specifications, presenting the perfect opportunity to give away premiums and other swag in a fun way.

In the rear lounge, a floating and rotating 3D hologram sits just above the doorway. This fully-programmable hologram unit can display any type of 3D design, giving an endless amount of creative possibilities for different occasions.

Once the new office was up and running, wanted to throw a party to celebrate. As it was just a few days before Halloween, they teamed up with Mirrored to host a themed costume party. The invite-only bash featured music from DJ William Lifestyle on the new stage, programmed light trees and moving heads, a custom sound system installation, and a myriad of zombies, ghouls, spiderwebs, and other spooky decor.