Mirrored Media is an experiential music marketing firm that creates high impact, enduring lifestyle campaigns that fuse together marquee bands with influential brands. We help brands reach their target demographic through organic music experiences. We create campaigns that are win-win for both the artist, the brand, and, ultimately, the fan. We work with conventional advertising agencies, PR agencies, and brands to custom tailor unique campaign solutions to achieve their marketing goals. Ultimately, every one of our brands experience transformational results through each campaign.

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Swisher Sweets Artist Project Convenience Store Session video premiere

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Watch FMLYBND jam out in the beverage aisle of a California convenience store below: TuneCore and Swisher Sweets officially premiere their first Convenience Store Session video today – amazing talent...

TuneCore Live LA June: The New Regime, FMLYBND and Drop City Yacht Club

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We’re so psyched to announce that The New Regime, FMLYBND and Drop City Yacht Club will be performing live at the next TuneCore Live show at Bardot-Hollywood on May 26. Last month...

Live Acoustic Performances at NFUSE Marriott June

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Celeigh Chapman, Jesse Macht, Katie Stump, Matt Keolsch and Mike West will all be playing an acoustic performance at NFUSE in Anaheim this month. Come join them an enjoy some...

“Sour Patch Kids” Promposal

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Sour Patch Kids teamed up with Fullscreen to launch its new “Breaking Out” video series back in October 2014,  and since then, the first branded show to cast a group of YouTube...