The Prime Video VidCon experience included a next-level, immersive entertainment activation that took fans on a journey through some of their hottest young-adult titles. The VidCon activation was part of a larger brand expression that inspired fans to follow their passions and find their communities through multidimensional, shareable user experiences.     

The booth activation encouraged all fankind to experience Prime Video content like never before, with captivating photo moments, exclusive merch drops, and more. This is the latest live activation from Prime Video since rolling out their “See Where It Takes You” campaign, which differentiates Prime Video by showcasing their ability to let viewers explore fandom through multiple touchpoints well beyond the screen.

Located at the heart of the Vidcon show floor, the activation towered over Vidcon with a two story booth that welcomed attendees into a Prime Video-branded maze, where they had the opportunity to step into the worlds of the most popular YA titles on Prime Video—The Wilds, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Invincible—inviting fans to “See Where It Takes You.”  Once inside, fans navigated their way through series-themed hallways, leading them to unique photo opportunities that give a 360-degree view of locations inspired by their titles, complete with a walkthrough kinetic photo-op, infinity moment, a merchandise drop space, LED and TV content opportunities, and curated art.

The booth was in high demand throughout the entire show with fans lining up each day for over an hour to enter the experience. Guests walked through an immersive tunnel transporting them from the Vidcon floor, and into the Prime Video experience. Their first stop on their journey was Cousins Beach which is the main setting in The Summer I Turned Pretty series. Consumers entered the beach with sand beneath their feet and heard the sounds of the beach as they made their way to a 360 degree immersive beachfront backyard photo moment. Guests had the opportunity to step onto a pool ledge and jump into a pool filled with foam blocks, recreating a “Belly Flop” moment from the show and creating a sharable video. Guests then left the beach and were transported to an airport terminal from The Wilds series, which included a one way mirror to the exterior of the booth. A flight attendant welcomed the guests to the Dawn of Eve flight and walked them down a jet bridge onboard a private jet. Guests took their seats in plush private jet seats and created content with the help of our flight attendants. Fans noticed elements direct from the show like Dawn of Eve branded pillows and blankets, chocolate cake, a welcome message from Dawn of Eve, and an Easter egg with Mark from Invincible flying outside one of the windows. The experience was a 360-degree immersive custom fabrication inclusive of sound and lighting design. As guests disembarked from the plane, they walked through a corridor exposing a wall of security footage of themselves from the plane, recreating key moments from The Wilds series. The final room brought guests into an animated world, stepping into the corner office of Titan from Invincible. The office is visibly destroyed from the aftermath of a fight with Machine Head, including holes in the walls, pieces of concrete on the floor, a custom fabricated broken desk, and more. Guests were given the opportunity to become a superhero through a Dupli-Kate superhero photo moment. As the big finale of the experience, guests climbed up a stairwell in the office building to the second floor roof, opened the roof door overlooking all of VidCon, and took the leap to see if they would fly or fall into the foam pit below. Guests walked away from a branded gif of them flying up and striking their superhero pose. Each of the content pieces from the experience could be viewed and sent at the end of the experience via share stations.

The booth also featured a second floor observation tower where invited guests could look out over the show floor and share their content. Additionally, the pillared design housed a branded hanging string artist installation, multiple exterior content screens, and merch giveaway pillar.