Soundtrack Your Brand – a Swedish-based streaming service that caters to businesses – just launched in the US with a VIP event during the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Mirrored Media worked with their celebrity chef friends Jon & Vinny to onboard them as curation partners of Soundtrack Your Brand. As music buffs, Jon and Vinny understand and value the importance that a soundtrack has on a restaurants vibe and experience. Jon and Vinny created a custom playlist that is one of many curated playlists that restaurant owners can play in their own restaurants. Mirrored Media then went on to produce, promote, and execute the private VIP event around the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. The evening was a true Jon & Vinny tasting experience with a curated food and drink menu accompanied by DJ Miranda Wright spinning a Jon and Vinny inspired soundtrack. The Chefs hosted the event and worked with their favorite local restaurants to showcase local tastes mixed with some of their favorite speciality cocktails.

Jon & Vinny, recent James Beard award winners, are best known for innovating and advancing the dining scene in LA through their critically acclaimed restaurants including Animal, Son of a Gun and Trois Mec. Though the food may often be the focus of their story, Jon & Vinny are also equally as passionate about the soundtracks they prepare for the guests of their restaurants.

Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify-backed company that’s overhauling the way brands and businesses use music. They've created the industry’s best music streaming platform for businesses, that's built to cope with a future where music no longer stays in the background, but plays an essential part of customer experience, intelligently adapting to trends, time, and environment. The company was co-founded with Spotify in 2013. Their global headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, and North American headquarters in Seattle, Washington.