The focal point of VidCon 2018 was once again the 42 foot Ferris wheel that towered over the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza. The wheel, which was co-sponsored by Invisalign, had a mesh wrap that encompassed its entire exterior, along with fully branded gondolas, surrounding barricades, and platform rails. Awesomeness provided a unique custom Snapchat filter that guests were encouraged to use as they snapped their own photos while on the Ferris wheel.

While guests waited in line for the Ferris wheel, they were invited to snack on as much free candy as they wanted, courtesy of the Awesomeness x Invisalign Candy Station. This candy station rose 15 feet high and featured 20 candy dispensers that sat atop a co-branded counter. Each dispenser was custom engineered to withstand the weight of the candy and heat of the sun, as such a feat had never been attempted before. Each one contained a different type of candy in Invisalign branded colors of pink, blue, and green. Guests were able to grab a small cup and enjoy the candy of their choice, which all highlighted the benefits of Invisalign’s “Eat What You Want” messaging that was affixed near the top of the display. Various hard candies, gum balls, and popcorn drew kids and adults alike to the beautiful and unique structure. The dispensers had an outer display tube as well, so no matter how quickly the interior contents were devoured, the aesthetics always remained on-brand and colorful.