To celebrate the premiere of Barbie's brand new adventure, "Big City, Big Dreams", Mattel teamed up with Mirrored Media to produce, program, and stream a 12 hour live stream on Barbie's Facebook page.

Parents and families could drop in on Barbie's Facebook page with their kids anytime between 6am PT-6PM PT Sept 1st to sing, dance, and play games related to the new movie, Barbie Big City, Big Dreams, available now on Netflix. The livestream consisted of exclusive Barbie footage, songs and dances, sneak peaks from the movie, trivia, and games.

In the movie, Barbie goes to New York to attend a summer Performing Arts program. There she meets another Barbie Roberts. Despite their quick friendship the two have to compete for the Spotlight Solo in Times Square.

Check out Barbies adventures on Netflix and watch the archive of the Livestream on Barbie's Facebook page HERE.