After a successful series of eight episodes, the Barbie You Can Be Anything Series has returned with another brand new episode! Barbie herself hosted the new content pieces along with some of her favorite new astronaut friends!

EPISODE 9: Mission DreamStar – Let’s Go To SPACE! 🚀 | Barbie You Can Be Anything

Episode 9 of the Barbie You Can Be Anything Series was truly out of this world! 

In this episode, Barbie shoots for the stars with NASA Astronauts Kayla Barron and Raja Chari as Barbie travels through space for the first time in her iconic career, visiting the International Space Station to get a taste of their life in space! You’ll see their view from space, learn how astronauts grow their own food, and meet the robots they work and live with. You’ll also get tips along the way about the many ways YOU can be involved in space exploration. You can be anything- so why not shoot for the moon! 

Kayla and Raja were part of the group of astronauts that took the count of people to visit space over 600.