Everybody wanted to be in the Brat Pack. Except them. The Brat Pack wasn’t all what it seemed to be.  Director and Brat Pack member Andrew McCarthy reunites with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and more to dive into the iconic films of the 1980s that helped shape a generation – and the narrative that took over their careers. 

To celebrate the world premiere of “BRATS” at Tribeca Film Festival, ABC News Studios and Hulu threw an 80s bash in New York. The party gave invitees an opportunity to celebrate being a part of the Brat Pack and step into the shoes of the ‘80s icons. 

"Brats” transformed Spring Place in New York into the ultimate ‘80s party with colorful and nostalgic interior designs including plush seating, retro art prints, LED accents, floral extravaganzas, design Taschen books, and shaggy rugs. Every guest had the opportunity to convert their outfit into custom merch with patches that were able to instantly stick to your clothes. 

Each element of the space was inspired by a classic Brat Pack movie. The main bar was transformed with the classic St. Elmo’s Marquee Lettering, neon lights, St. Elmo’s coasters, and branded drinks. A shareable room featured two iconic scenes from “The Breakfast Club” including the graffitied red lockers, and Shermer High detention hall complete with the iconic chalkboard, desks hand carved with each character’s name and other vintage school desk iconography carvings, themed props, and the classic letterman jackets. The space even featured a velvet sunken living room with a large projection screen playing favorite scenes throughout the night surrounded by animal print pillows, neon lights, and movie posters hung throughout the space. What retro bash would be complete without a classic candy bar? The “Brats” candy bar featured a selection of classic  favorites in a listening room that included vintage record players, records, and headphones for guests to enjoy, along with custom art inspired by the documentary. 

DJ Michelle Pesce spun the best of the eighties as guests danced all night and celebrated the premiere alongside the filmmakers, talent, and celebrity guests. Even the food immersed our guests with nostalgia serving classic bites on ‘80s style school cafeteria trays. From ABC News Studios, Neon and Network Entertainment, BRATS premieres June 13 only on Hulu. #BRATSonHulu