Collision is the fastest-growing tech conference in North America. Now in its sixth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees. Following the lead of our European event Web Summit, Collision has become a crossroads for the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology, alongside many of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies.

“Collision is where the giants of the web assemble. It’s the meeting point of the largest buyers and sellers of technology with the most disruptive emerging technology companies.” – Wall Street Journal

Since its June 2018 launch, has empowered customers around the world to bring their ideas to life with the help of efficient, tailored software. Whether it’s a social app or e-commerce platform, the tool transcends the need for traditional tech know-how in the creation of each individual’s project.

The Builder Store brought to life

The Builder Store was the hotspot for the #BuilderGeneration. Located in front of Center Stage, it was two stories of demo space where dreamers could learn how to bring their ideas to life via bespoke software–without ever writing a line of code.

The booth featured a crowd stopping two story structure that towered over the other booths. The goal for the build was to help facilitate a 3 stage consumer process; mass communication, intimate conversations, and individual sales meetings. The booth featured 4 touch screens around the booth for mass presentations, 4 content screens, scheduling counter, 2 open meeting spaces, and 5 private meeting rooms with computers and screens for guests and a Builder staff to spec out the custom platform. The goal was to generate onsite sales revenue and help to empower entrepreneurs and dreamers at collision to create their platforms faster, cheaper, and better! Ultimately, the build was a success and helped to facilitate over 20 platform builds generating over $1M of revenue.

Builder spec’ed out so many brilliant visions from empowered thinkers across the globe. One visionary in particular that decided to officially bring his idea to life with Builder? Artist and entrepreneur Akon, who came by to kickstart the development of an app that’s been on his mind. What do you think his next project will be?

PITCH Happened! was also the sponsor of the annual PITCH competition in which 60 startups from around the world battled it out for the grand prize: a $30,000 CAD voucher to develop software of their choice with Builder, and $5,000 cash.

Two runners-up also received a $10,000 CAD voucher each towards a product build using Builder powered by Competition was fierce, and we heard some outstanding pitches, but when the smoke cleared, one dreamer stood victorious above the rest: Loliware!

Check out the winner being revealed below.

The PITCH winner

Founder Chelsea Briganti, of Loliware called winning PITCH a tremendous honor. Her pitch was indeed strong as it was purposeful. The company is dedicated to reduce the continuing environmental impact of single-use plastic straws on our planet. Why? These plastic straws have become a nightmare for marine life in our oceans around the world, and Loliware has taken their inspiration from those oceans in order to alleviate the problem.

Using super-sustainable seaweed, Loliware has created hypercompostable, 100% plant-based straws that are designed to disappear. Their goal is to bring the planet closer to a dream of #PlasticFreeOceans. And #CollisionConf did their part to keep that dream alive. Loliware’s biodegradable straws were used by all of our Night Summit partners. We’re excited to see what Loliware can create with the help of and Builder!