BMW continued the partnership with award winning composer Hans Zimmer extending outside of vehicle sounds, along with Designworks, and TYDE, to re-imaging the sounds of electric marine mobility. At the 76th Cannes Film Festival one spectacular world premiere was experienced in the port rather than on a cinema screen. BMW and boat maker TYDE presented THE ICON, a new kind of flagbearer for sustainable mobility on water. THE ICON is the first battery-powered marine craft of its kind and brings together locally emission-free travel with a vision of luxury that embraces pleasure.

THE ICON is a trailblazer for a new breed of watercraft with battery-electric drive. BMW came up with the idea and developed the concept for this pioneering collaborative endeavor. The marine travel experience created through this confluence of talents is accompanied by an exclusive soundtrack composed by award-winning film score luminary Hans Zimmer.

Ensuring an impressive on-board soundscape is the Dolby Atmos system, with its ability to deliver superb audio quality. When it came to developing the sound concept BMW continued it's ongoing relationship with double Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer. The revolutionary acoustic creations conjured by the composer soundtrack a new era in the enjoyment of sustainable travel on water. Just like designing the sounds of the latest BMW i7 M60, Zimmer concentrated on the driver’s experience and how sound can both enhance and transform the journey, creating a beautiful emotional soundscape to capture that moment.


BMW Films officially returned with a new short film “THE CALM” which premiered at the 76th Cannes International Film Festival last week. BMW Group enlisted powerhouse talent, Uma Thurman and Pom Klementieeff, to star in the film. MCU stuntman and fight director Sam Hargrave directs the film with Joseph Kosinski as Executive Producer, and the musical score is done by none other than Hans Zimmer.

Acoustics play a big role in the film, with the sequence dubbed “the first silent car chase.” The movie featured original music from Hans, as well as the Hans Zimmer suite of sounds in the electric BMW. While in most cases the plot is very much integrated with the sound design, Hargrave and Hans collaborated around how the absence of sound is more effective than an expansive score or big sound effects at time.

At Cannes Film Festival, To celebrate the world premiere of THE CALM, BMW transformed one of the film's main actors, THE i7 M70, into an exclusive drive-in cinema for guests. The BMW Theatre Screen provided the perfect cinematic experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the film while watching it in the same car they see on the screen. Hans Zimmer, along with the stars, director, and executive producer, surprised guests for an exclusive Q&A following the screening.