Mirrored Media went out to K1 Raceway, in Anaheim, California, to help Google Play host a high-stakes tournament that offered fans the chance to watch online superstars go head to head in Google Play mobile games.

The Mirrored Media team helped create the ultimate Observation Deck so that the competition overlooked the entire indoor racetrack. Fans were then picked from the audience to stand in the middle of the action, cheering on their favorite YouTube or Vine stars, as they battled each other in games such as Beach Buggy Racing. Nowhere else could you see GloZell and Crazy Russian Hacker duke it out to see who comes out at the top in their dune buggy cars! Amy-Marie Gaertner, Brandon Bowen, Brodie Smith, and many more surprise guests participated in the tournament as well. After every battle round, the winners and losers were interviewed, all of which will be available for the public to view on Google channels.

In between the battle rounds, online superstar Alex Wassabi, went into the crowd to take selfies and talk to fans. Selfie sticks were abound!

As the tournament continued, party guests who were interested in catching the games could watch from a distance at the Observation Deck! They had a clear view of the games through live screenings, which were playing behind the gamers’ chairs. Every move on the gamers’ tablets was also projected on the screens behind them. Anyone who wanted to see the event in action at the party had access to, all while being able to check out the raceway below them.

The entire evening was a special opportunity for the crowd to get close to their favorite YouTube and Vine stars, before the VidCon madness even began! The activation succeeded in bringing awareness to Google Play’s mobile games, making them accessible and appealing to younger fans.

Check out the first episode of Google Play’s Game On! tournament below:

Google Play wanted to create an interactive gaming experience, with digital superstars, during TubeFilter’s VidCon Pre-Party.