Mirrored Media and AT&T’s Hello Lab, in partnership with Fullscreen, produced an exclusive meetup for 50 lucky fans at Santa Monica’s Lincoln Middle School. Based on the web series Guilty Party, the meetup featured three uniquely-designed classrooms and a grand finale Homecoming dance, each of which immersed fans in the show’s predominant themes of positivity, love, and kindness.

Upon check-in at the school, modeled after the series’ fictional Warren Academy, fans had their photos taken for their own Warren Academy ID card, which was printed and given to them immediately on site. They were then broken up into three groups and guided by orientation leaders to each of three uniquely-designed rooms with the goal of solving a special mystery. Each room consisted of a specific theme, and fans were tasked with paying attention to clues in each one to help solve the mystery for the big reveal at the end of the event. The three themed rooms were:

Good Vibes Room: The Good Vibes Room featured a large patterned balloon wall with string lights, a large cloud-shaped balloon, and hanging paper chains with positive messages written on them. Guests were encouraged to write their own inspiring messages for the future on small pieces of paper, slide them into balloons, and add them to the display.

Debate Room: The Debate Room had two podiums painted in the Warren Academy colors featuring the school crest and included a blue and white balloon backdrop. Kids were invited to step up and debate their fellow classmates on fun topics provided by a moderator, such as pizza vs. hamburgers or Snapchat vs. Instagram.

Musical.ly Room: This room had an 8’x10’ art piece made from custom-painted stacks of old speakers. Next to the speakers was a display with a collection of sound waves made up of multi-colored strands of yarn. Guests were also encouraged to record a karaoke version of their favorite song via the musical.ly app that they were able to instantly share on their socials.

In a surprise twist for the unsuspecting fans in attendance, several Guilty Party cast members, including Manolo Vergara, Teala Dunn, Tiffany Alvord, and Miles McKenna were on hand to hang out and take selfies with the lucky fans in this intimate setting.

The event concluded with all three groups joining together in the auditorium for one final surprise followed by a homecoming dance. The cast members asked fans if they had figured out the mystery, and after the big reveal, the cast rewarded them with never-before-seen show footage, participated in a Q&A, and handed out Warren Academy sweatshirts.

The dance hall was complete with streamers, neon party bracelets and necklaces, Warren Academy decor and original signage, custom lighting, an LED photo booth, food and drinks, a stage, and a performance by DJ Alex D.