HP and Intel teamed up with Mirrored Media to create an interactive lounge where guests could take a break from the bustle of RTX and experience HP and Intel’s newest technology. The lounge, complete with couches, bean bags, and tables, had several brand new HP Zbook x2’s for guests to test and explore. Rooster Teeth digital artists were invited to demonstrate their skills and give presentations on the Zbooks while the screen was mirrored onto a giant LED wall behind them. Guests were encouraged to draw themselves on the Zbooks using their preferred creative suite, which automatically entered them in a contest to win a grand prize of the new HP Zbook x2. A giant digital mural comprised of every fan self portrait was consistently updated and displayed on the giant LED wall. 25 additional lucky winners walked away with exclusive poster giveaways that featured the final mural artwork of all the self-portraits drawn in the booth over the three-day convention.