Mirrored Media was back to celebrate VidCon’s 10th Anniversary with several activations both in the courtyard and inside the expo hall at VidCon 2019. We partnered with Viacom, Awesomeness, and Invisalign to create exciting opportunities for brands to connect with VidCon attendees in the courtyard.

Mirrored Media has had a prominent presence at VidCon for almost a decade, producing activations for some of the largest brands in attendance as the preferred agency of both VidCon and UTA. With Viacom now an integral part of the convention, we were tasked with creating an even bolder presence for the media giant. Along with Awesomeness and their respective partners Invisalign and Canon, our activations were the centerpiece of the Anaheim Convention Center’s outdoor Grand Plaza. A carnival slide, candy station, two photo activations, and an interactive Canon both gave Viacom an unmatched presence at the yearly convention. 

 Activations included:

Awesomeness x Invisalign Rainbow Slide

This 30-foot high, three-lane slide, which was branded throughout, allowed guests to race each other to the bottom on branded burlap slide mats. Guests were also encouraged to use the custom Snapchat filter at a special banner hanging from the slide. 

Awesomeness x Invisalign Candy Station

This wildly popular custom candy station returned for its second year just outside the main entrance of the convention center. Candy colors were rainbow themed to reflect Invisalign branding guidelines. Over four days, guests devoured almost 2000 pounds of candy!

Awesomeness Photo Walls

  • 12’x8’ Awesomeness mural splashed with bright colors that was lit up at night, allowing guests to capture the perfect shareable photo day or night. 
  • The AwesomenessTV sequin wall provided a gorgeous photo moment for guests upon entering the plaza. The shiny, colorful, sparkling 8’x8’ piece could be seen throughout the entire outdoor plaza. 

Canon Shprinck Booth

Awesomeness brought Canon aboard as a sponsor to create an exciting outdoor activation featuring Canon’s newest camera offering, Shprinck - which blends ‘shoot,’ ‘print,’ and ‘stick.’ 

  • The booth boasted three brightly colored and decorated 10’x10’ spaces, each with its own unique flavor, where guests were able to shoot their own content, print it directly from the camera, and stick it to a wall inside the booth. 
  • Fans also entered to win their very own Schprinck camera courtesy of Canon
  • Thousands of photos were collected over four days on site