Courtyard Activation

Furthering the Invisalign brand’s “Eat What You Love” messaging, we fabricated a set of oversized food items to create the perfect branded GIF photo op in the convention center’s outdoor plaza. Guests were able to pose with a 4’ jawbreaker on a branded platform, an 8’H lollipop, and the biggest hit of the activation, a 6’ translucent gummy bear, all in front of a large Invisalign-branded backdrop. As guests shared their photos from an onsite share station, they were given a branded fanny pack and/or a drawstring bag, giving Invisalign a visible presence beyond the booth footprint. 

Candy Station

Back at VidCon for the third time, the Invisalign Candy Station has become an iconic visual piece of the VidCon experience. The 15-foot-high structure in the outdoor plaza adjacent to the main entrance offered attendees their choice of 7 different candies in vibrant branded colors from 20 self-serve dispensers. Whether it was curious passers-by or just kids with a sweet tooth, the brand was able to provide a way for everyone to eat the foods they love, drama-free. When we say that VidCon guests devoured a ton of candy, we mean that quite literally! Over 2,000 pounds of candy were dispersed among guests. And if that wasn’t enough, Invisalign patients were also invited to share photos with a corresponding hashtag to receive extra Invisalign swag.