In the Fall of 2019, Jasmin, a new online lifestyle and travel hub, partnered with Mirrored Media and Rogers & Cowan to create a disruptive campaign to both educate and spread awareness about all aspects of modern life and love. The 14 city tour simultaneously kicked off in New York, Boston, Tucson, Portland, Nashville, Denver, and Chicago, when residents of each city saw bright London-style phone booths covered in flowers popping up in each location. Each unique booth was customized to its destination with city-specific signage and cultural references. Guests (many of whom were invited via a guerrilla street team “airdrop” campaign) were able to walk inside the booth, pick up the phone and listen to one of 20 pre-recorded tips for love, sex, travel and lifestyle before heading out to take a photo at the digital photo booth stationed just in front of the booth’s flowery exterior.

We customized the technology inside the booth in order to program the phone to select random guests as prize winners. Prizes varied, but included gift cards from both local businesses, national chains and a grand prize of a $2000 travel gift certificate, awarded to one guest in each city. The booths were complete with a street team of knowledgable brand ambassadors who would educate people passing by on the new Jasmin website, while also collecting signups. After being live for 1 week in the initial 7 locations, the booths were packed up and shipped to 7 new cities. In the second round, the booths were sent to Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Dallas, and Atlanta, where they were re-installed to welcome guests for another week.