2017 VidCon attendees were treated to the most ambitious Live.me booth yet. Located just inside the main convention hall doors, the Live.me booth was an immediate attention-grabber to fans and talent alike.

The build featured a convertible stage with small ramps, giving fans the perfect vantage point during programming blocks while also providing them with a chance to enjoy the space and broadcast during breaks.

The stage, which was highlighted with branded colors and signage, also featured a special fan broadcast experience. On one side of the stage, fans waited in line for a chance to step into the spotlight and showcase their talent to tens of thousands of people watching Live.me from all over the world. After 90 seconds, the viewers voted who had the most talent by giving in-app gifts. Those participants were then rewarded with a variety of premiums such as sunglasses, tripods, water bottles, and phone chargers.

Official Live.me programming included panels, concerts, and creator appearances. Fans were especially excited about the influencer meet-and-greets, giving users from all over the world a chance to interact with their favorite talent in front of the large online audience. Other programming consisted of dance parties, open mic performances, and DJs.

In true Live.me fashion, the booth featured four vertically-oriented TVs displaying live broadcasts from all over the world, the broadcast stage experience, and the official Live.me channel which showed events throughout VidCon.

The large back wall of the booth featured a truly unique social sharing opportunity. The wall featured a set of multicolored angel wings along with motivational phrases that encouraged fans to take a memorable photo.

About Live.me |

Live.me is the fastest growing live broadcasting app that let’s you discover new content, meet cool people, & earn cash. Some of the things that set Live.me apart is the ability for broadcasters to monetize live video. Virtual gifts (which cost real money to buy) let people show support beyond standard hearts. There’s also the new commerce engine, which allows select broadcasters to sell merchandise and capitalize on being live, in the moment. This will continually roll out to more and more users. In addition, there’s two-way giving which allows broadcasters to purchase coins (Live.me’s virtual currency) and randomly distribute them to viewers watching. Live.me separates itself from other live streaming apps in that it is heavily focused on community, offering a space for users to connect with people that they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. Each user is able to present their authentic (or stage) self and develop virtual relationships with likeminded streamers.