Mirrored Media teamed up with Fullscreen to work on the release for Universal Picture's upcoming Halloween horror hit, Ouija.  The campaign consisted of a series of YouTube based videos in which Kian Lawley (known as part of YouTube supergroup Our Second Life) took part in a Ouija seance and disappeared.

Mirrored Media partnered with Fullscreen to help create and execute the story and landscape for Kian’s finding in Chicago, fan management and engagement, and the meet and greets that followed.

The Disappearance

On October 5, 2014, a video titled “KIANS MISSING” (with over 1.8 million views to date) was posted to Lawley’s YouTube channel at its 2+ million subscribers. It begins with the on-screen words “Kian Lawley went missing during the filming of this video,” and asks viewers to use the hashtag #OuijaWhereIsKian if they know anything about Lawley’s whereabouts.

The Haunted House Appearance

On October 8th, Dillon and Caylen traveled to Chicago where together, the two tracked Kian down to a haunted house. Over 1500 fans joined them at the haunted house, designed by mastermind Rob Zombie, to help find Kian. Three lucky volunteers joined Caylen and Dillion within the house to speak with the spirits through a traditional Ouija seance. During the seance, the spirits spoke through the Ouija board and told the kids that Kian was within the house. After thanking their fans, the boys set out throughout the house and found missing Kian.

The entire marketing campaign successfully generated over 17.3 million hashtag impressions for #OuijaWhereIsKian. The video of finding Kian has been seen almost 1 million times. Fans on-site in Chicago had the opportunity to meet the talent, walk throughout he haunted house where Kian was found, and take home a custom Ouija branded photo-booth photo inclusive of Kians ghost.