Don’t let festival season kick your butt! Whether you want to build endurance to make the rounds at music festivals or get in shape for the mosh pit at a big stadium show this summer, StubHub and Beachbody have a solution to get you ready to rock.

Mirrored Media teamed up with Stubhub to create a partnership with fitness experts Beachbody for the Ready, Set, Live campaign.

“Ready, Set, Live“ started as a new workout created by Stubhub and Beachbody Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews to ensure music fans can fist-pump, crowd-surf, endure the long lines and cover the distance between festival stages without a worry.

Knowing the summer concert season can test even the biggest music fans’ endurance levels, the exclusive 45-minute regimen combines strength training and stretching to prepare concert-goers to dance for hours, raise their phones for countless selfies, and relax tired neck muscles after a long day of looking up at their favorite performers.

“Warm summer days and long summer nights means it’s time to get out to hear live music, especially at festivals, and StubHub wants to make sure that nothing stops fans from the magic of experiencing their favorite acts, making sure they have the moves it takes to keep up at these high-energy events,” said Jessica Erskine, head of entertainment communications at StubHub. “Joel and Jericho’s top tips for concert season will get fans ready to stand up, shake it and go non-stop throughout festivals this summer.”

The moves designed by Beachbody’s Joel and Jericho exclusively for “Ready, Set, Live” include:

  • The Up All Day: Stay strong during long festival days (and nights) and keep that endurance going with moves like the high-knee jump rope and Spiderman climbers.
  • The Double-Up Dance: Mosh pit or dance floor, general admission or assigned seats, make sure you can bust the right moves with alternating clinch knees and triple lunge with rhythm.
  • The Look Out: Sometimes you need to play defense to avoid other fans’ dance move fails with roll jumps and ground-to-fighter stance.
  • The Best View: Not everyone can see over the crowd, so be sure you can still get a great view or find your friends in a crowd with the lateral jump, vertical jump and squat-squat jump.
  • The Encore: Help ease the soreness and get into a more relaxed state before the end of the night with neck stretches and shoulder rolls.

“Music festivals can be grueling! The long days we spend on our feet dancing, walking and standing in line can take a toll,” said Joel and Jericho, creators of Beachbody’s MMA workout Core de Force. “We’re excited to work with StubHub to help bring a fun and unique workout to audiences looking to make the most of their festival experience. This workout is tailored to help festival-goers stand tall and feel strong so they don’t miss a beat!”

Music lovers and festival-goers can try the workout at home via Beachbody On Demand ( and StubHub’s YouTube page ( Fans could also tuned in to StubHub and Beachbody social channels to learn how to participate in live pop-up workouts with Beachbody Super Trainers in Chicago ahead of Lollapalooza and in San Francisco prior to Outside Lands.

Your Festival Workout Plan

To turn these moves into a heart-pumping seven-and-a-half minute workout, perform each of the first nine moves for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds in between moves. Complete the two stretches at the end, adding additional stretches as needed.

To really get you in top cardio shape for your upcoming festival, turn this into a 25-minute workout by doing three rounds of the first nine moves. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting for 15 seconds in between each move. Rest for 1 minute between rounds. Complete the two stretches at the end, adding additional stretches as needed for a full cool down.

The Events

Mirrored Media took Stubhub and Beach Body’s Joel and Jericho on the road to give members of the press, influencers, and lucky fans the opportunity to try the work out live with Joel and Jericho. Stubhub took over trendy locations near the festival grounds leading up to Firefly, Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands to host this exclusive VIP workout class. Each guest received custom branded apparel to aid their workout including branded yoga mats, water bottles, towels, and sweatbands. The events featured an orientation with Joel, Jericho and Stubhub execs, the 45 min intensive workout class, and followed by a healthy happy hour reception with healthy drinks, fruit, and snacks thanks to partners like Suja, Pop Chips, Diajio, and Ciroc. Each member of the media, influencers, and lucky guests had the opportunity to interview, get one on one advice, and photos with the celebrity trainers during the reception.

Ready, Set, Live was a huge success and gave music fans across the country the opportunity to get their hearts pumping leading up to the festival season, while also driving traffic and exposure to StubHub around the festival season.

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