S!NG is more than just a marketplace, it’s the first ecosystem where fans can create, buy, sell, organize, view, and listen to their digital collectibles all in one secure place. S!NG is inclusive, easy to use, and makes digital collectibles accessible online directly from creators to fans. S!NG was created to empower artists by removing the financial barriers around protecting their IP and to support their creative process every step of the way. S!NG is a collaboration with artists, by artist, for artists and fans.

Mirrored Media worked alongside the S!NG team consulting, creating, and executing the roll out of the market and platform. Together, Mirrored's creative and strategy teams lead the charge on creating:

- Brand logos and brand guidelines

- Marketing materials and splash page

- Brand marketing messages and marketing strategy

- Video content and social strategy

S!NG, a developer of technologies that empower creators to protect and sell their original work using blockchain technology, today announced the drop of a new NFT on S!NG Market – a digital collectible collaboration between Grammy-nominated musician Aloe Blacc and Bored Ape Yacht Club member #1037, Maui Prime. This adds to the already star-filled roster of talent on the user-friendly platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain and curated by ZEAL.

Aloe Blacc says, “NFTs have created an entirely new way for artists to not only distribute their work, but also to protect their intellectual property and get fully compensated for their efforts. I am proud of this track, and I am excited to be able to share it through S!NG Market.”

Check out S!NGMarket.com to learn more, see all the upcoming drops, and to purchase your favorite digital music collectibles.