Scene at the Academy was an opportunity to create exclusive content – spotlighting the filmmaking and creative process behind the movies – for the Academy’s global members and fans.

Scene at the Academy focuses on filmmakers and artists talking about the evolution and breakdown of a scene (one or two scenes, maximum) or an element (i.e. song) in the film that captures and represents the approach to the movie. For example, writers discuss how scene(s) originated, directors talk about the considerations throughout, composers/songwriters explain storytelling through song, visual effects supervisors show how moments came to life, etc.

In place of in-person Q&As typically held post Academy member screenings, the featurettes presented the opportunity for studios to connect with voting members in an organic way in a virtual world.

Focus Features engaged Mirrored Media to write, direct, and produce Scene at the Academy featurettes for:

- Promising Young Women

- Never Rarely Sometimes Always

- News of the World