Spotlighting Prime Video Original series Invincible and Gen V, Prime Video's booth at TwitchCon evoked a college fair, encouraging attendees—or “prospective students"—to find the “super” in them with an event space full of superhero university prep, a virtual campus tour, games, and more. The two superhero colleges from the shows—Godolkin University (Gen V) and Upstate University (Invincible)—invited guests to take a five-minute entrance exam to see if they have what it takes to survive; emcees asked for two teams of two players each to test their skills through a series of mental and physical challenges on the activation’s stage, such as “Heads Up,” “Survey Says,” “Flip Cup,” and “Fill in the Blank.” Prime Tokens—which could be redeemed for exclusive merchandise—were given to each participant to spend at the “Campus Bookstore.”

To get a better feel for the colleges, guests could also take a hyper-interactive virtual tour of the Godolkin University campus, appearing almost as if they were stepping foot on the quad, dorm rooms, School of Crimefighting, and more. Participants could also take their official school photo for Godolkin University or Upstate University. Once their photo was taken, the incoming students received their printed school ID with their superhero name and superpower to take on their next adventure.

Beyond the booth, Prime Video also teamed up with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, marching band; at the start of this year’s TwitchCon, the band played outside the main entrance before making their way through the halls of the convention center toward the Super College Fair booth.