The Hyatt Regency, the official VidCon talent hotel just down the street from the convention center, housed the invite-only Awesomeness Talent Oasis. This 4000 square foot lounge and adjoining outdoor patio provided an exclusive place for Awesomeness talent and VIP guests to relax and recharge during what is always a hectic week at VidCon. The interior featured a light-up bar with food and drinks, comfortable furniture, a Tarte makeup activation with a living wall and neon signage, voter registration, and Awesomeness content. Stay Tuned, Snapchat’s daily news platform, also had a footprint in the space that we produced where its hosts and talent filmed live content each day. Outside on the patio, guests were invited to play games like corn hole and spike ball while surrounded by picturesque hedges and Awesomeness plexi signage.