Tastemade x Airbnb

Airbnb Open Passport to Los Angeles

Airbnb and Tastemade presented Passport to Los Angeles, part of the Third Annual Airbnb Open LA. The event was an exclusive, invite-only celebration of the variety of food and drinks unique to Los Angeles hosted by Jonathan Mildenhall, CMO of Airbnb.

Upon arrival, guests were photographed for their own custom-made passports, taking them on a journey throughout various neighborhoods of Los Angeles. This encouraged each guest to visit all 30 vendors. Once guests sampled each taste, they received a unique stamp from that restaurant, emulating a traditional passport.

Attendees were greeted by genuine freeway signage pointing them to the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles; each of which was represented by its own authentic custom street sign. Fourteen local enclaves were represented, ranging from East LA to Beverly Hills to Santa Monica. The neighborhoods were spread out over the entire Tastemade campus, including the actual Tastemade studios. Mirrored Media emulated the essence of Airbnb and Tastemade through unique, custom-built experiences designed around the physical event space. This included a large custom light canopy, projection-mapped walls, slow-motion photo booths, a VR experience, custom signage, and DJ set by William Lifestyle from a custom stage.

Over 500 people showed up, including the CMO and co-founders of Airbnb, and other special guests. The event was a huge success, culminating in a massive dance party, and left people smiling and very full.

Airbnb Open

Airbnb Open is an annual festival that celebrates hosting and hospitality, with this year’s version taking place in Los Angeles hosting over 15,000 guests throughout the weekend.


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