In October 2017, Mirrored Media teamed up with TheWrap at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills to produce TheGrill, an annual forum featuring some of the most prominent figures in entertainment, media, and technology. The two-day event consisted of thought-provoking panels, smaller breakout nooks, and a VR experience to get attendees on their feet. Between and after presentations, guests enjoyed luncheons, dinner parties, and a cocktail hour, so they had opportunity to meet panelists and other esteemed members of the audience.

TheGrill 2017, hosted by TheWrap’s CEO Sharon Waxman, featured the following special guests from the aforementioned fields:

  • Dana Walden (Chairman and CEO, Fox Television Group)
  • Gary Newman (Chairman and CEO, Fox Television Group)
  • Dave Shull (CEO, The Weather Channel)
  • Megan Colligan (President of of Worldwide Distribution and Marketing, Paramount)
  • Sandra Stern (President, Lionsgate Television Group)
  • Chris Silberman (Founding Partner, ICM Partners)
  • Kathleen Grace (CEO, New Form)
  • Chris Fenton (President, DMG Entertainment)
  • Grace Helbig (YouTube Innovator)

Topics of discussion included AR/VR, media consolidation, data analytics, entertainment marketing trends, diversity, Chinese entertainment, and the future of entertainment and media.

Mirrored Media was pleased to provide all staging and production elements for TheGrill, such as:

  • Custom stage build and backdrop
  • Custom lighting
  • Custom signage
  • Custom Step and repeat
  • All A/V production and run-of-show management
  • Stage-flanked vertical TV screens featuring TheWrap’s live Twitter feed
  • Facebook live streaming
  • Staffing
  • Candy bar presented by
  • Outdoor after-party with DJ on day one
  • Rooftop cocktail hour on day two

About TheGrill:

At a time of unprecedented change and shifting business models, the entertainment industry is hungry for thought leadership. TheWrap believes that the conversation about where and how entertainment will meet the challenge of the digital age needs to be centered in Hollywood.

Conceived in an effort to create a high-level forum for discussing the transformational forces in our changing entertainment industry, TheGrill has brought together a community of leaders from across the entertainment economy from disciplines including media, entertainment, finance, and technology.