To celebrate its acclaimed new drama, Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., USA Network worked with Mirrored Media to bring a unique artistic tie-in to the anticipated debut. In order to add an inspiring, visual, and shareable element to the series and engage a music-oriented audience, the Mirrored team enlisted world-famous street artist RISK to create two one-of-a-kind gallery pieces to capture that audience.

As an artist who was inspired by Biggie and Tupac himself, RISK brought the two legends to life in his own unique way with two authentic and organically-created art pieces. Each consisted of four clear plexiglass plates mounted into a custom lightbox, with screened and spray-painted art that created a singular image when viewed from the front.

The pieces were unveiled at the red carpet premiere of Unsolved, which was held at Hollywood’s Avalon Theater in February of 2018. The two portrayals of the music icons inspired and touched friends and fans, becoming the perfect complement to the evening’s poignant screening. Exclusive Unsolved sweaters featuring RISK’s artwork were given to attendees, while 20 lucky fans who entered the #UnsolvedUSA sweepstakes walked away with exclusive 24”x36” signed and numbered archival prints of his work.

Additionally, we were able to follow RISK along his creative journey with long-form and short-form behind-the-scenes content. This rare footage provided an exclusive look into the stunning compound where RISK crafts his art, and allowed him to tell his story to fans in his own words.