A symbiosis between automotive and high fashion, the one-off BMW XM MYSTIQUE ALLURE is an unseen approach, tailored for the most radiant runway of the year – the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival – and supermodel Naomi Campbell’s appearance on it.

The vision: to transform the most daring BMW into a canvas for couture inspiration. Fabrics were not only used for the interior, but also brought to the exterior. As a result, a striking ultramarine colour radiates remarkable vibrancy and dresses the BMW XM MYSTIQUE ALLURE in a bold and extravagant tailored suit.

To achieve a truly luxurious feel, it was crucial to mix different materials, a principle common in fashion, where combining various textures enhances the overall aesthetic. Silky and knitted fabrics, for instance, complement each other, highlighting their unique characteristics. For this car, BMW used different nuances of ultramarine, and through the combination of complementary materials – an intensely saturated velvet and a fabric covered with sequins in a frozen metallic look – the result turned out to be exceptional.

The personalization of this vehicle is the ultimate form of dedication to Naomi Campbell, who graced the Cannes Film Festival this year with her presence alongside the BMW XM MYSTIQUE ALLURE.

Inspired by Campbell’s bold ethos of dedication, determination and drive, as well as the contemporary, progressive luxury statement of BMW with the BMW XM MYSTIQUE ALLURE, Grammy and Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer has created a bespoke sound design that captures the supermodel’s aura within the vehicle. Approaching the vehicle, a signature sound sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Upon entering the car, the feeling of luxury and sophistication is further enhanced by a welcome sound in the cabin. However, perhaps most captivating of all is the Aura sound inside, dedicated to the presence of Naomi Campbell herself – bold, challenging the ordinary and redefining the idea of progressive luxury. The Mystical Aura Sounds immerse the passenger in an atmosphere of unrivaled elegance.

"This was a singular opportunity to work with BMW and Naomi to create a bold sound profile for this unique BMW XM MYSTIQUE ALLURE, extending the high-fashion materials and visuals into the auditory experience. The sounds are inspired by Naomi Campbell and are meant to be bold, challenge the ordinary and redefine the idea of luxury. With this truly one-of-a-kind vehicle, the sounds are meant to extend the edgy design approach and evoke couture-inspired emotions." -Hans Zimmer

The parallels between Naomi Campbell’s bold character and the BMW XM MYSTIQUE ALLURE are remarkable. Both excel in skilfully combining contrasts, effortlessly merging strength with softness and sportiness with elegance. They don’t follow trends; instead, they set them by confidently expressing their unique individuality.