With Mirrored Media’s support, Fullscreen created a weekend of Movie Nights to surprise fans with online superstars, giveaways, and exclusive looks at never-before-seen trailers and sneak peeks.

Over 1000 fans lined up early every night in the AT&T Blue Room to take pictures with YouTube stars and grab free swag courtesy of Epix, Showtime, and HBO. They were also given raffle tickets for a chance to win grab bags that included a selfie stick, portable speakers, and t-shirts, thanks to AT&T and Fullscreen.

As soon as the doors opened to the screening room, eager fans rushed in and were greeted by beanbag chairs, popcorn, and endless cups of Dr. Pepper Cherry, making for the perfect evening out with friends!

During Thursday’s Movie Night, YouTube all-stars Dylan Dauzat and Andrea Russett stopped by Movie Night to pump up fans with the trailer debut of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, as well as the first film of the weekend, Pixels in 3D.

On Friday night, Movie Night attendees rumbled around in VR chairs and Oculus Rift headsets for a virtual reality experience before heading into the screening of Insurgent. Fans were also paid visits from Brittani Louise Taylor, Acacia Brinley, and the cast members of Summer Break, who all also presented sneak peeks of upcoming films The Outfield and Mockingjay Part 2.

On Saturday night, fans walked into an exclusive screening of M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie The Visit, which is out to the rest of the public on September 11th. On this final Movie Night, Bratz assembled a themed photo booth so that fans could create photo strips with their friends to remember the end of a jam-packed VidCon weekend. Once everyone gathered in the screening room, the attendees were also surprised with guest stars such as Jus Reign, Luke Korns, and The Fine Bros.

Fullscreen’s Movie Nights activation saw over 3,000 attendees and generated a massive amount of positive responses for being an innovative and welcoming event.

With Mirrored Media’s help, Fullscreen at VidCon 2015, was recognized for being at the forefront for linking film studios with digital media. Variety mentions Fullscreen Movie Nights for successfully screening major films as a clever marketing strategy to reach current and future online stars

Fullscreen teamed up with Mirrored Media for VidCon 2015, in order to expand on the potential of the online video conference by collaborating with film studios.