To celebrate the launch of the first-ever BMW X2 and all-new X3, Mirrored Media teamed up with Center BMW to present an exclusive launch event at their dealership in Sherman Oaks, CA. The launch gave guests a high-touch and low-pressure opportunity to learn more about, experience, and test drive these newest additions to the BMW fleet.

Mirrored Media worked with Center BMW to create a footprint on site that would allow easy access and flow for guests while not impeding the daily activity and functionality of the dealership.

On Saturday, March 24th, guests were invited to Center BMW to experience the the first ever X2 and all new X3.

Guests were greeted by friendly staff under a BMW-branded tent, where they had the ability to sign up to receive a $1000 certificate towards a new BMW in addition to a neighborhood drive in the X2 and/or X3. Everyone who signed up was given a BMW-branded backpack and a rechargeable battery pack. Automotive specialists were on hand to offer more information and assistance around the display vehicles and during the neighborhood drives. Guests were also invited to relax in a beautiful carpeted lounge and grab a plate of gourmet cuisine from inside the showroom.

This experience offered a wide variety of perks to attendees, including:

  • Catering provided by Le Pain Quotidien

    Hint Water

    Carpeted lounge with white modern furniture

    Branded backpacks & rechargeable battery packs

    Raffle to win a BMW M mountain bike

    Floral decor and planters

    BMW branded tablecloths, tents, and flags