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This week's issue of ADWEEK Magazine featured a profile piece on Mirrored Media and our CEO Justin Lefkovitch.    The portrait piece, within the special music issue, highlighted Mirrored Media's ability to help clients easily navigate through the world of bands, brands, and fans.

Emma Bazilian writes, "In marketing, the relationship among brands, bands and fans can be tricky. Brands want to appropriate artists’ “cool” factor, artists want exposure, and fans want authenticity. That’s where Mirrored Media comes in. The experiential music marketing firm links brands (or their agencies) with up-and-coming acts to create interactive campaigns that seem organic, not contrived. Take last year’s campaign for the Acura ILX. To enhance the brand’s image among millennials, Mirrored partnered Acura with indie band Metric on a series of sponsored concerts, a listening party and even a music video. In turn, Metric introduced its new album, Synthetica, to a wider audience. “In every one of our campaigns, the brand has walked away with explosive results, whether that be market penetration, social media exposure, or changing the perception of the brand among the target demographic,” said CEO and founder Justin Lefkovitch."

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